Sockers Face Must Win in Semifinal Against Chihuahua After 22-Game Win Streak Snapped

MASL Pechanga Arena
Christian Gutierrez, who scored one goal in the Sockers’ 7-6 loss to Chihuahua. Photo: sdsockers.com

The San Diego Shockers are in an unusual and uncomfortable place as their semifinal clash with the Chihuahua Savage continues at 5:05 p.m. of Sunday.

With 1-0 in a row, they now have to beat the Savage twice the same night, first in the second game and then in the next 15-minute match, both at the Pechanga Arena. If they fail, their urge to repeat and defend the 2021 championship ends.

“We feel good about the second leg. “We have fallen, but we are definitely not out and we are ready to give a big fight back to our homeland,” said Sockers captain Kraig Chiles.

Chihuahua (15-7-2), meanwhile, could enjoy an appearance in the Ron Newman Cup finals in the club’s first season. MASL I am playing.

This is because Savage broke San Diego wins 22 games Monday to gain the lead in the series, in front of a crowd that sold out at the Corner Sport Arena in Chihuahua.

In the 7-6 victory over Savage, the Sockers (23-0-1) barely forced the game into extra time, as Chihuahua’s Adrian Miller scored his second goal of the match at 10:09 in the fourth quarter to give the lead. lead in Savage.

But with 14 seconds left, the short-handed Sockers saw Chiles score the second goal of the night to tie the score at 6-6.

However, the relief was short-lived. Just 36 seconds after extra time, Savage Edgar “Torrez” Gonzalez bent on his second goal of the match to give Chihuahua a 7-6 victory, their first win of the season in five games against San Diego.

The injuries, in part, prevented the Sockers again. The team played without its top three midfielders, as Leonardo de Oliveira and Brandon Escoto suffered lower body injuries, while Charlie Gonzalez had visa problems. In addition, they played mostly without top minor Hiram “Pollo” Ruiz, who turned his ankle in the pregame.

Chihuahua hit first at 14:11 in the first ten minutes, but Ishmael Rojo – who could not play for the Shockers in the US due to visa problems – responded. Making his first appearance this year in the semifinals, he scored his first goal for the Sockers in a restart at 2:03 of the second half for the 1-1 draw.

The match included seven capital changes and the Sockers were twice at the top, thanks to Tavoy Morgan and Christian Gutierrez.

Morgan gave his team a 3-2 lead at 5:24 of the second. Just a minute later, however, at 6:23, Chihuahua equalized again.

The third frame ended without a score, but thanks to a penalty, Gutierrez scored 24 seconds in the fourth quarter for the Sockers’ 4-3 lead.

But Carlos “Poper” Hernandez, Savage’s strong defensive shot, scored eighteen seconds later at 4:02 and 4:20, giving Chihuahua a 5-4 lead, and San Diego never took the lead again.

Tickets remain for Sunday’s match, from $ 20.

Sockers Face Must Win in Semifinal Against Chihuahua After 22-Game Win Streak Snapped Source link Sockers Face Must Win in Semifinal Against Chihuahua After 22-Game Win Streak Snapped

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