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Miami (CBSMiami) – Tuesday was a bit chilly start for the people of Miami, but it wasn’t as chilly as 44 years ago when it first snowed in South Florida in recorded history.

It was January 19, 1977.

The National Weather Service in Miami reported: “People and visitors were surprised and excited by the rare phenomenon. Local newspapers published headlines about the size of major domestic or global events. Snow is southeastern Florida. Snow was officially reported by weather observers at West Palm Beach, Label, Hollywood, and the Royal Palm Ranger Station in the depths of South Miami Dade County, throughout, to Homestead, and even to Miami Beach. it was done.”

Shivering young and old, the Southern Floridian looked up at the sky with complete surprise when the flakes landed on their faces. Early in the morning, temperatures in the area dropped to the low 30s. But by 9:30 am, the heavy snow show in South Florida was over.

The Miami News headline that afternoon shouted, “Miami Snow!” The next day, Miami Herald read “The Day It Snowed in Miami.”

Residents of South Florida, young and old, couldn’t believe their eyes and still remember where it snowed in South Florida. The cold front brought the cold front and caused serious damage to Florida crops. The state’s citrus and vegetable industry has been nearly wiped out, and about 150,000 migrant workers have lost their jobs in the state, including 80,000 in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach. Then-Gov. Rubin Askew has declared a state of emergency.

So how did that happen?

A strong cold front moved down the state late January 18th and early morning January 19th. A powerful front, combined with a powerful Arctic height on the west side of the Mississippi Valley, helped transport very cold air and led to a rare snow event in South Florida.

In January 2010, there was a very serious coldsnap that hit South Florida, and there were reports of snow flurry in Miami-Dade and Broward when temperatures reached 35 degrees Celsius. The National Weather Service has released these reports, but they have not been officially confirmed.

WFOR-TV News Partner Miami Herald contributed to this report.

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Snow Fell In South Florida, First Time In Recorded History – CBS Los Angeles Source link Snow Fell In South Florida, First Time In Recorded History – CBS Los Angeles

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