Snap, TikTok and YouTube to testify at Congress: How to Watch on Tuesday

The Senate is concerned about the impact of social media on children.

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snap, Ticktaku When YouTube On Tuesday, we’ll elaborate on the steps they took to protect children from a potentially skeptical audience: the Senate Subcommittee, which has already expressed concern. Facebook It is unhealthy for children.

The Consumer Protection Subcommittee, chaired by Connecticut Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal, meets with three policymakers and the platform exacerbates harmful behavior, addiction and compromises privacy. Discuss how.Hearing description, title Protect your kids online: Snapchat, TikTok, YouTube, Suggesting that participants will not be comfortable. In particular, social media apps are “abused to hurt children and promote destructive behavior such as school vandalism, deadly virus challenges, bullying, eating disorders, operational influencer marketing, grooming, etc.” Has been done. “

Hearings take place in the face of increasing surveillance of Facebook, a huge social media outlet. A series of stories Based on the leaked documents, it suggests that the company knows that its platform will harm the mental health of teens, democracy and developing countries.Former Facebook product manager Frances Haugen, who collected a cache of internal research and communications, is already testimony Before the Senate Subcommittee.She also testified Parliament on Monday.

Haugen, who first revealed to be a Facebook whistleblower in October, said there was a conflict of interest between Facebook’s business goals and user safety while at Facebook. .. Facebook states that the internal investigation has been mischaracterized.

Snap will be represented by Jennifer Stout, Vice President of Global Public Policy. TikTok by Michael Beckerman, Vice President and Head of Public Policy in the Americas. YouTube is by Leslie Miller, Vice President of Government Affairs and Public Policy. (YouTube is owned by Google, a subsidiary of Alphabet.)

With the prepared remarks YouTube Plan to tell Congress about it Deleted 7 million accounts The first three quarters are believed to belong to infants and adolescents. Approximately 3 million of these deletions occurred in the third quarter as the company “strengthened its efforts for automatic deletions.” (As a context, YouTube has over 2 billion accounts that actively access YouTube every month.)

“TikTok is deeply interested in the safety and well-being of minors and looks forward to continuing an open dialogue with this committee on the common priority of keeping teens safe online. “Beckerman said in a statement. The company did not provide a prepared statement.

Snap did not respond to inquiries about the prepared remarks.

Here’s what you need to know:


The inquiry will begin on Tuesday at 10 am (Eastern Standard Time) / 7 am (Pacific Standard Time).


The hearing is livestreamed Committee web page Or above CNET YouTube Channel..

What to expect

Hostility from both sides of the aisle. At this point, neither Democrats nor Republicans love Big Tech, especially social media.

Democrats complain that social media companies are doing little to eliminate hate speech, bullying, and disinformation. Republicans blow up social media as conservative censorship.

The hearing is both a place of investigation and a political drama. Probably more. So expect a lot of grand standing and tubthumping.

Snap, TikTok and YouTube to testify at Congress: How to Watch on Tuesday Source link Snap, TikTok and YouTube to testify at Congress: How to Watch on Tuesday

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