SMCISD board approves pay raises for employees

San Marcos Consolidated ISD employees will receive a salary increase for the upcoming school year 2022-23.

The SMCISD Board of Directors approved a 3% increase for teachers, a 3% increase for other professional staff and a 5.26% increase for classified staff at Monday’s regular board meeting.

Prior to the approval, administrator Mari Salmi said she was in favor of an option that provided an increase only to teachers, citing the district’s deficit budget.

“I think this is an opportunity for us as a region to focus on salary increases for our teachers, especially this year, so I personally asked for information on the first option to allow us to minimize the impact on our budget, which we have. “What it looks like will be a deficit budget this year,” Salmi said. “Also recognizing that as registered workers, we, last year, increased our minimum hourly wage to $ 15 an hour, something that the surrounding areas had not done and we are still – based on the data we have received from our human resources – a much better position for the payroll rates of classified employees for many of our surrounding areas, especially those of comparable sizes. “Well, I’m very interested in focusing on our teacher pay raises this year and acknowledging that all of our staff are working very hard, but we are approaching a real crisis of teachers leaving the profession and I think that is something we have to deal with.”

Administrator Miguel Arredondo said he was comfortable with approving an increase for all employees because the district’s staff was able to work towards a balanced budget in previous years.

“I agree with Mr. [Brian] Shanks and Dr. Salmi, that we should give priority to teachers and that they deserve to be paid, but I think that in the last two years it has taken every employee at every level of classification to maintain the [school district] it opened, “Arredondo said. “The teachers were the ones loading buses to deliver meals during the pandemic, they were the catering workers and our bus drivers, right?” . I do not think there was anyone who called it the last two years. Well, this idea that, I wish it were so easy for me to distinguish between employees and say, “some get paid and some don’t”. “I think that after the last two and a half years, everyone deserves it in every salary ranking.”

The salary cost for the region with the approved increases is $ 73,616,736 and represents 90% of the budget.

The 3% increase for teachers, the 3% increase for other professional staff and the 5.26% increase were approved by a 5-1 vote with the newly sworn administrator, Brian Shanks, as the only negative vote.

In addition to salary increases for area employees, the council also approved a $ 3,000 employee retention incentive. Withholding payments will be divided into two installments with one payment on October 28, 2022 or approximately and the second on April 28, 2023. Eligible employees include those employed in the district on the first day of the following school year.

Maintenance payments will come from the federal funding of the ESSER III region. The managers approved the retention incentive, 5-1.

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SMCISD board approves pay raises for employees Source link SMCISD board approves pay raises for employees

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