Smart steps to recover after running a marathon

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You crossed the finish line of the marathon — 26.2 miles of hard work under your belt, with a prize around your neck. What should you do to recover? For beginners, keep walking, says David Nolan, a physiotherapist who oversees the care of runners at the Boston Marathon.

“The biggest mistake people make is getting to the end and just standing still,” said Nolan, an assistant professor of health in the Northeast, and director of the university’s fitness training program. “You want to resist the temptation to lie on the floor, and instead keep walking or do some soft exercise to stay horizontal.”

Nolan, who helped care for 23,000 refugees who tested their prowess at the 126th marathon in Boston, said the weather could also be detrimental to athletes. If it is extremely hot or cold – and either is possible during the New England summer season – runners need to focus on returning to normal temperatures immediately after completion.

Fortunately, in addition to the turbulent winds, the weather this year is very close, which Nolan says has helped reduce injuries.

The immediate thing to consider for runners is water and fuel: Fill in what you have lost in the last few hours, but do not overdo it with seed, she said. Nolan. Runners who do not sweat too much, or who drink at any port do not suddenly need a gallon of water. Indeed, overdose can lead to hyponatremia in severe cases, a condition in which someone does not have enough sodium in their blood.

“In a medical tent, we see this more than in runners over 4 hours,” Nolan said. “He is usually untrained runner, who does not lose as much water as they think and drinks a lot. By the time they reach the finish line, the signs may appear to be waterlogged. ”That is why Nolan and other health workers do not give in to runners. nerve fluid (Bags IV) until they tested athletes’ sodium levels.

Now, let’s say you sit horizontally after crossing the finish line, change from a wetsuit to re-adjust your daily temperature, and have the right amount of water and eat after the race. What about the next few days?

Nolan said simply.

Most people should take a five- to seven-day break from running, instead doing gentle, strenuous activities such as walking, cycling, or swimming, to help their body recover, he said. Gradually, athletes can return to running by increasing their distance or running after the first week.

“A lot of people consider the challenge of running a marathon to be difficult,” Nolan said, “and not taking the right time later can lead to excessive injuries.”

The marathon is over. The runners hit the rock for several hours during the race, and that meant nothing of the hundreds or thousands of miles they had put in to prepare.

And Boston in particular is presenting a difficult path, Nolan said. Despite the famous “Heart Hill” near the end of the race, the entire trail descends to the sea. This usual annoyance is especially bad for the runner, because “you brake every time you get off,” he said.

“Often, people feel they can’t go down the next day because they are only being paid quads entirely from their needs during the race,” Nolan said, referring to the effort required to control the movement forward.

Once again, run on marathon can be satisfying — as can be done for later runners.

“It’s very rewarding,” Nolan said. “Boston is a big competition, and in the 20 years I’ve been doing this, I’ve met people from all over the world. But when I come home after this long day, I’m tired. Imagine how runners feel.”

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