Sky River Casino holds job fair in Elk Grove | News

Job seekers met at the upcoming Sky River Casino job fair held on May 23 at Laguna Town Hall.

The $ 500 million casino project, owned by the 900-member Wilton Rancheria tribe and operated by Boyd Gaming, is scheduled to open this fall.

It is located near Kammerer Road and Highway 99 in the former site of the “Ghost Mall”: the long-built Elk Grove Mall for a long time, which was demolished in 2019, after 11 years of inactivity in construction.

Once completed, Sky River Casino will offer 2,000 slot machines, more than 80 gaming tables and 12 different dining options.

Wilton Rancheria is currently seeking to hire nearly 2,000 employees for its casino, which will become Sacramento County’s first tribal casino.

Carrie Gordon, vice president of marketing for Sky River Casino, told Citizen that 430 people attended the event at Laguna Town Hall on May 23 and that its success led to the decision to extend the event the next day at the same venue. . A previous job fair for the casino was held in Rocklin on May 9th.

Gordon spoke about the approach to the Elk Grove job fair.

“The goal here is to make sure we are offering ample (opportunities) to all the talented people who live and work in the community,” he said.

He added that this job fair has taken a “one-stop shop” approach.

“This is not a place where you come in and leave a resume and we say‘ thank you ’and go from there,” he said. “There are registered appointments, we are taking visits. If you’re here for board games, we actually let you do an audition, and then interview. ”After the interviews, applicants were able to go through a drug screening process and go through a licensing process, if necessary.

“So someone who comes here and takes the time to spend time with us today can take care of everything,” Gordon said. “And you’re not just meeting with anyone. We have executive leadership talking to the candidates.”

Bernadette Lacsina, operational board game coach for Sky River Casino, spoke about the practical auditions for card dealers.

“Almost any casino they’ve worked at, (could show) their level of experience, and if they qualify for the position, this is definitely a good opportunity for them, especially for the people who are Elk Grove residents,” he said.

Lacsina mentioned that Sky River plans to hire about 400 employees to operate its board games.

As a job fair that was hourly sensitive, with the next casino, 205 attendees were laid off on the same day they attended the first day of this event.

“If a job offer is extended to them today, they will leave here with an offer in hand,” Gordon said.

Gordon told Citizen that Wilton Rancheria is looking to fill jobs such as board game operators, cooks, warehouse workers and employees in the accounting, marketing and human resources department.

“There’s not a single department that’s not offered here,” he said. “We have managerial level positions up to line level positions, per hour. So there is no position that we are not hiring today. We offer hourly jobs and salaries. We are offering very competitive salaries and we even have a full explanation of the benefits. that we offer ”.

Gordon noted that those who missed the opportunity to attend the job fair will still have the opportunity to apply for jobs through the website. www.SkyRiver.com.

As they waited to speak with a Sky River Casino representative at the job fair, attendees had the opportunity to view casino representations and logo, watch videos of interviews and comments from tribal and Boyd Gaming officials, as well as casino promotions. . . Sky River will be operated by Las Vegas-based Boyd Gaming Corp.

The Citizen met with several aspirants who received offers to work at the casino.

Yeun Lu shared his excitement at receiving one of those offers.

“I have the opportunity to help Sky River open its new casino,” he said. “I’m a board game trader. (Sky River) is closer to home. I currently work at Red Hawk Casino. It’s about 45 minutes away. I’m thinking about being here for a while; I hope he’s a supervisor.”

Sacramento resident Charlie Chhun, who currently works at Cache Creek Casino, plans to reduce his commute by working on Sky River.

“I’m very happy to work for (Sky River),” he said. “I’m also very happy, when you open (a casino), you create more jobs for people in the community, so that people have jobs. I hope they (allow) me to work for a while, because it’s close to my house.”

Chhun added that he would spend $ 5,000 a year on gas for his car if he continued to work at Cache Creek.

Jay Torres told Citizen that he received offers for two different jobs.

“I’ve worked at certain casinos before and I see this as a great opportunity,” he said. “It’s close to the freeway (Highway 99). You don’t have to drive up the mountains like I’ve done in other places where I’ve worked.

Sacramento resident Nhia Koua Vang, a board game trader who had not received a job offer from Sky River, mentioned that she is still waiting to work at this new casino.

“If they hire me, I would give them 110%,” he said. “I have enough work experience to get where I need to be.”

Sky River Casino holds job fair in Elk Grove | News Source link Sky River Casino holds job fair in Elk Grove | News

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