SizeGenetics Review(2021): Customer Factsand Actual Results Received(6 months)

What’s SizeGenetics?

Summary: It is one of the most popular penis stretching device today, having up to 2800 grams of traction, 16 levels of comfort, a real guarantee of quality and results. SizeGenetics is a medical-grade 1 medical device and a truly certified FDA-recommended extender.

Designed and manufactured with genius MDA (Multi-Directional Angling) technology for extraordinary results, SizeGenetics have been serving grown men for over 19 years.

How does it work?

SizeGenetics is universal, i.e., it fits most men and adjusts to a wide variety of penile lengths and widths. This versatility holds this device in a unique class.

However, few distinctions exist regarding user experiences, depending on the choice-routine, settings, and, of course, personal physiological characteristics.

When can I expect results?

Well, penis enlargement is achieved at different times for different people. Some report that their penis began to grow within the first month, while others had to wait for three-six months before seeing results. Usually, it all depends on the regular and proper use of the device.

You can check customers’ before and after results on forums to ensure that SizeGenetics really works!

Talking of proper use, SizeGenetics’ design is lightweight, flexible, easy to use, customizable. This means you can easily adjust the length of the barbells and set them correctly according to the parameters of your penis. In addition, the tension screws are precisely adjusted to match your thrust level.

Yes, comfort is guaranteed; but, you’ll feel the tension.


The line between traction and your comfort is very important. You must adjust your device to stretch your penis comfortably and yet effectively.

Check out the official SizeGenetics website.

SizeGenetics Packages

On the SizeGenetics website, you can buy four different device packages. But if you want to understand the difference, then the four packages are:

  1. Value edition – $199.95
  2. Comfort – $249.95
  3. Ultimate – $299.95 (the best option!)
  4. Curvature & Peyronie’s (created especially for those who want to straighten their penis) – $299.95

*Note: These packages only differ in their accessories, serving different levels of comfort and efficiency.

Comfort Accessories

SizeGenetics offers different accessories and tools to protect your penis and keep you comfortable while using the device.

They include:

How to set up and use SizeGenetics

Guess what. Every SizeGenetics packages come with simple and clear instructionsand illustrations. So you will have no problem getting it right.

How to use the device:

  1. Assembling the device is not difficult; just attach the rods to the base and choose the mounting method – a belt or a silicone loop for the front piece.
  2. Don’t forget about accessories for penis comfort. Since the loop or strap can chafe the head of the penis, a Protection pad, 3M advanced comfort plaster, Cohesive Gauze, No-slip protect, various powders and creams included in the Ultimate package are used for comfort.
  3. Measure the size of your penis and set the barbells 5 cm(1.9”) longer than your flaccid penis.
  4. Wrap the head of the penis in tape, Cohesive Gauze, or No-slip protect and put the Comfort Pad on top.
  5. Now everything is ready, so put on the extender and set the tension settings.
  6. Slip the penis into the extender’s ring, secure the base.
  7. Now, you need to set the tension level until it’s comfortable while you still feel the pull.
  8. After using the penis extender, I always massage my penis with cream moisturizer to preserve a pleasant skin color and avoid irritations, even if I use the device for 2 hours straight.

So, I had alternatives

If your list of devices for a potential purchase does not include these: Penimaster PRO, Male Edge, Quick Extender Pro, Jes Extender, Phallosan Forte, Penimaster Chrome, then you are looking in the wrong places.

Look over them again! These are the most popular, effective, and high-quality devices that can make your penis bigger and even eliminate the curvature of the penis.

This reviewwill share my experience with SizeGenetics and try to convince you to opt for it, despite all other devices (with their unique properties).

My list of criteria for choosing the best penis extender

When you select a device, use the method of exclusion. First, I made a list of popular penis extenders and tested them according to the following criteria.

See how SizeGenetics came in # 1 on my list. Yes, it was not random, but a seriously thought-out choice.

Highlighted below is an array of 6factors I considered before choosing an extender:

  1. European quality and certification
    Every part of my choice-extender must be assembled and manufactured in Europe or the US. Fortunately, according to all European manufacturing and design standards, SizeGenetics is produced by the European company, DanaMedic.
  2. Device type
    I found 3 types of extenders on the market.
    Type 1: Strap-mounted barbell device
    Type 2: Vacuum device, holding the head of the penis using a vacuum chamber,
    Type 3: Combination device, combining both technologies in whole or in part.

    Personally, my go-to penis extender is Type 1, the classic barbell device. Why? I found that the rigid construction improves the quality of the stretching of the penis.

  3. Side effects
    As much as possible, I want to ensure that risks are minimized while at the same time getting the necessary results. For example, vacuum extenders offer an excellent comfort level, but you have to wear them for 6-9 hours a day for up to 12 months. That’s a long time for me.

    I decided to find tips on using the rod strap device comfortably and without side effects. It turned out that it was all about the correct settings and the use of accessories. If you do everything correctly, adjust the tension, change the settings and take breaks, there will be no side effects.
  4. Usability
    When you buy an extender and set it up, how do you wear it?

At home? On the street? In-car? How do you take it off and put it back on? Where do you do it?

From my experience, first, you consider where you are and your choice of clothing. Yes, SizeGenetics is convenient and comfortable at home and outside.

However, you have to put on loose underwear and pants. It is pretty convenient in the car, but you need to drive for at least an hour to consider this as a session of use.

  1. Effectiveness
    You will need to work on your plan for using the penis extender. It would help if you kept a diary. By recording the initial parameters of the penis and time of use, you can get a complete picture of the effectiveness of your penis extender.

    My first results were evident after a month and a half. It appears most users will have to be patient and consistent.

  2. Motivation
    I read that the penis extender you want to use should motivate you to achieve the result. Your device should be likable, easy, convenient, and comfortable. SizeGenetics was a fantastic motivator! I felt comfortable with its ease of use, classic shape, and design.

You can order SizeGenetics from the official site

I chose the Ultimate Max Pack. It’s costlier than the others, but Ultimate Max Pack comes with absolutely all comfort and maximum load accessories.

The accessories are:

SizeGenetics is sold on various marketplaces(Amazon, eBay, Walgreens, GNC, Walmart), but I recommend buying from the official website to guarantee the best price.

Click here to buy SizeGenetics

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