Six challenges Suga leaves for Japan’s next prime minister

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NS Resignation Charismatic-hungry Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga will park Japan in a familiar location on Friday. Top jobs have changed 11 times over the last 20 years, and new leadership races within the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) carry the standard risk of good or bad choices (although almost certainly). Being a man and a year) — You can solve for a year or so from now on. Opportunities for new leaders to avoid that humiliation and lead Japan more reliably into the post-Abenomics era depend on how they tackle formidable challenges. Here, numerically, there are six of them.


This is the percentage of Japanese adults who received 2 vaccinations — Slightly behind the United States (52.6%), the world’s third-largest economy, slightly ahead of El Salvador (44.6%). The Japanese vaccine program surged to about 1 million times a day, but its start was delayed and initially confused administration was central to the downfall of Kan. The death toll in Japan from the pandemic remains relatively low, but Suga did not convince voters that everything was in control. He must have known that this is exactly the kind of security and paternity that a country like Japan, which is the most aging in the world, expects. At the end of that binding, his successor must now politely but clearly rebuild trust with the masses.


This is an estimated (and still increasing) number of combat units in the Navy of the People’s Republic. ChinaThe person who made it the world’s largest maritime military force, and the growing threat to regional security was identified as Japan’s top defense under Kan. The impact of this expanding fleet, along with China’s ever-greater cyberwarfare capabilities, is constant in the diplomatic and domestic political sophistication of new Japanese leaders as the country’s vulnerabilities become more and more apparent. Will put no pressure.


Number of medals won by Japan No audience Tokyo Olympics, 27 of them are gold — A record total that the country continues to build impressively at the Paralympics. Despite the success of such a sport, Suga is partially gone. Because he had never imagined a smile on any of them, he couldn’t turn that victory into political luck. He is in a bad mood, the country is in a bad mood, and the next Japanese prime minister must live with the fact that bread and circuses do not function as they did before Covid. Mr. Suga’s successor also does not overlook the question of why the LDP has decided to endanger the country’s health for an estimated $ 25 billion event whose short glory has already diminished.


This is the number of harsh responses reported by the Cabinet Secretariat Task Force when Japanese bureaucrats were asked to justify their continued reliance on fax machines. Despite his short reign Suga pushes Silicon Valley Unicorn’s enthusiasm for the creation of Japan’s first digital agency has forced government agencies to disrupt last year’s practices with bold 21st-century technologies such as email. Fax’s enthusiastic defense, while legally claimed, gives hints on how much political capital is needed to maintain momentum in this regard. The agency began operations on September 1st and was running in just two days before the chief architect resigned.


This is the percentage of companies in the Nikkei 225 Index that currently have at least one activist shareholder registered, and is rapidly approaching the level of the S & P 500 in the United States. It would have seemed totally unbelievable for Japan to reach this ratio in just a few years. in front.However Shareholder empowerment Opposition to the uncompromising of Japanese companies is the legacy of Kan’s tenacity to arm investors with Japan’s first stewardship and corporate governance code in 2015. The successor will support or derail the unusual market changes over the last few years.


Or more accurately “Net Zero” Carbon Emission Commitment by 2050.. This may have been the biggest surprise that Suga was born during his charge. Even if those tremors come in the form of a compromised clash between the next prime minister and the vested interests of Japanese companies, it arguably has the longest and longest response beyond his departure. Probably. With a clear enthusiasm for the cause of Kan, he aims to reduce emissions by 46% by 2030 compared to 2013 levels. It has always been ambitious, but computationally it is. Successors are not seen to immediately abandon that goal, especially as the world prepares for the United Nations Climate Change Conference in November.

Six challenges Suga leaves for Japan’s next prime minister Source link Six challenges Suga leaves for Japan’s next prime minister

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