Sister Wives Season 17: What Do We Know So Far?

– After more than 25 years together, Kody and I have grown apart and have made the difficult decision to leave, Christine Brown wrote in November, adding:

“We will continue to have a strong presence in each other’s lives as we raise our beautiful children and live our wonderful family.”

As a result, the mother of six ended the relationship.

Many also assumed he had ended a long-running true-to-life show.

How could siblings continue without one sister?

Nor did we seem to be the only ones to ask this question.

“It’s not just the marriage I’m leaving,” Christine said during the Sister Wives: One on One Special event last month.

“It’s the whole family. And it’s Sister Wives. And what does it do for us? I don’t know.”

Here’s the thing, though:

There will be Sister Wives season 17.

Christine’s son Paedon confirmed the same when asked at TikTok if his mother will stay on the program “if Sister Wives has another season.

“They’re filming right now,” Paedon replied in January, seemingly teasing that the cameras had been tracking Christine, even though she had decided to move back to Utah.

Hell, maybe because his decision to move back to Utah.

The situation brings with it a fresh new story, right?

Of course, Christine is also already filming her own cooking program for TLC.

“A taste of something new!” he posted on Instagram just a few weeks ago.

“#SisterWives’ Christine brings you your favorite recipes in the new digital series #CookingWithJustChristine, which appears every Sunday [on Instagram] and TLC.com. “

Janelle, meanwhile, cursed Home away last season.

He openly questioned the premise of plural marriage.

He has been talked about does not return to the same house as Kodybut it also doesn’t sound like he’s close to leaving him.

Not in the near future.

“I mean, there was a time in Covid when I was like, ‘Okay, do I still want to do this?'” Brown said at the Season 16 meeting and clarified:

“And there was a period when Kody was away for about six weeks, and I thought,‘ Wow life is really easy.

“And I really had to look for a soul and realize that I still want to be here.

“I am here.”

What about the sea?

He publishes a new, mysterious meme or message seemingly every week.

He has not slept with Kody for 10 years and all romance between the spiritual spouses is dead and gone for exactly the same period of time.

Still, the sea stays still. He has made it clear many, many times.

What about Robyn?

She spends time with Kody more than any other sister and is legally married to a man.

He never makes real complaints.

You’d better believe he’s playing a key role in season 17.

However, is it possible that Christine will be replaced by a new woman?

That’s the big question.

Because of all the tension between him and his better spouses, an insider told Us Weekly in January 2022 that Kody was considering finding new partners.

He can just go ahead and start from scratch.

“He’s not happy that other wives are threatening to leave,” this tabloid source claimed.

“She is considering starting over with new wives …

“She wants to be with women who can accept the fact that she is most committed to Robyn and dedicates her time to her.”

TLC has not yet announced the 17th premiere of the Sister Wives season.

Sister Wives Season 17: What Do We Know So Far? Source link Sister Wives Season 17: What Do We Know So Far?

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