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Tokyo >> Simone Biles and coach Cecil Randy, who stood on the edge of the competition area of ​​the Ariake Gymnastics Center on Tuesday evening, were waiting for the scores of previous gymnasts to be posted on the Olympic balance beam competition. rice field.

Randy put her around Biles and tried to lighten the moment.

And Biles, alone, faced the beam and turned around the moment the world waited for a week.

Biles took a deep breath.

She wasn’t alone.

Seven days after withdrawing in the middle of the team final and astonishing these Olympics, Biles returned to the tournament. She faces bronze medals in a solid routine, if safe.

Last week, Biles reminded us that life is complex, as Hollywood has ended what her millions of fans, or NBC, might have wanted.

The last Chinese player, Kantan, won the gold medal at 14.633, followed by teammates Kara Akane (14.233) and Bile (14.00).

Although it was Biles’ sixth Olympic medal, her presence in Tokyo made her country and her sport mental health, due to her withdrawal from the Team Finals, All Individuals, and Previous Equipment Finals. It is best remembered that I was often forced to enthusiastically discuss mental health in particular. Regarding young athletes.

“It’s great that she’s talking about these issues,” said Mondo Duplantis of Sweden, the world record holder for pole vaulting. “As an athlete, it can be difficult, but it’s good that the issue is being raised now.”

And raising that debate while she’s playing sports will be as much heritage as her four Olympic and 19 World Championship titles.

“I think you know it’s very difficult and you know that the spiritual side is very big and you need to draw a line with confidence and come back here and focus on yourself. “April Ross, a US beach volleyball player, said. “I think it really empowers me. It should feel like young people can do it, so I think what she did will really affect future generations.”

Biles’ withdrawal arose as Larry Nassar’s sexual abuse scandal was still approaching sports and the Olympic movement.

Biles is a survivor of Nasar, one of the most famous and loudest critics of U.S. gymnastics, prioritizing athlete safety over medals and corporate sponsors, enabling former Olympics and national Nasar. Correcting the culture of abuse in sports Team doctors sexually abuse more than 500 women in the guise of treatment.

Not only was Biles the ultimate champion of the #MeToo era, but Janeiro’s sprinter Usain Bolt and American swimmer Michael Phelps retired after the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Games. She was the face of the Olympics.

“I live in the United States and everything that came out on TV, NBC, or commercials about the Olympics was Simone Biles,” said golfer Rory McIlroy. “That was the Simone Biles Olympics. Having millions of weights (American people), so her shoulders are huge.”

In the days and weeks leading up to Tokyo, the weight was overwhelming, Biles said.

“At the back gym coming in today, it was like fighting all those demons.’You have to put your pride aside and do it for your team,'” Biles said on the night of his withdrawal from the team tournament. “After all, I have to do the right thing for myself, focus on my mental health, and not endanger my health and well-being ….

“I don’t trust myself as much as I used to. I don’t know if I’m old. I’m a little nervous when I do gymnastics. I feel like I’m not enjoying it too much. I know this Olympics. “She began to cry. “I wanted to do it for myself.

“I was still doing it for others, so it hurt my heart that doing what I liked was a little robbed of me to please others.”

Simone Biles wins bronze medal in return – Press Enterprise Source link Simone Biles wins bronze medal in return – Press Enterprise

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