Shuffield breaks triples record, leads Bobcats to sweep of Trojans

Texas coach Steven Trout believes he has the best arm in the country. Dalton Shuffield added to his case this weekend.

The San Antonio senior joined the Bobcats against Little Rock, leading the team with an average of 0.369 hits and a slugging rate of 0.638. He started the series with 2-4 – one double and one triple – helping to lift the crimson and gold in a 3-2 victory on Friday.

Texas State made history as a team on Saturday, breaking the program record for most runs in a game against a conference opponent by defeating the Trojans 30-4. Sheffield made history in the game and as an individual, as he became the all-time leader of the team in three-pointers with 12.

“You like to grow up wanting to break records, to do things that no one has done before,” Sheffield said. “And it’s a really good feeling, especially when you go to the dugout and all your friends just have a big smile on their face and they congratulate you, they hug you. So it was very special. “

Sheffield came to San Marcos through San Antonio Johnson High School, where he was three times selected for the All-District 26-6A first team. He was used sparsely during his first months with the Bobcats, playing in just four games before being started by former Texas State coach Ty Harrington as the designated player in a series opening game against Georgia State on April 13, 2018.

The rookie hit 3-5 with an RBI, the Bobcats won the game, 10-9, and Shuffield became a daily key for the rest of the season, mostly on the left field. He hit eight holes in all three games in a row against the Panthers, climbed to seventh in the lineup in the next three games and then climbed to the top of the series in a 5-2 win in a series final against South Alabama on April 22.

Sheffield remained the protagonist in the last weeks of the 2018 season. He finished the year making 26 starts and hitting 0.303. Harrington led him to the shortstop full-time in 2019, playing him in 55 of the team’s 56 games that year and starting him in all but three. Sheffield led the team with an average of 0.330 hits as the State of Texas continued to claim the first championship of the regular season Sun Belt.

Sheffield kept the fort in the shortstop and has since hit the top half of the starting line-up. It was never voted in an All-Sun Belt team, but it has always been a source of consistency for crimson and gold. He is one of only three players on the roster to be part of the 2018 recruiting squad, along with senior striker Wesley Faison and outfielder John Wuthrich.

“I mean, it’s Shuff. “He will achieve almost everything,” said Wuthrich, who has won three home games against Little Rock this weekend. “His hand-eye coordination is unreal. He will swing into balls over his head and lift it. He will shake his butt to get out and find a way to get a three-pointer out of it. That’s just him. “If the stadium is anywhere near the zone, it will probably make a good swing.”

Sheffield had a perfect 5-5 in the big area during the 30-4 victory on Saturday. Hitting second in the series, he started the day with a base that hit the right-hand side of the field at the bottom of the first and later scored on one of Wuthrich’s homers. He returned to the plate in the second inning and swung for his triple that broke the record. He added an RBI single to the third, then an RBI double to the fourth, completing three quarters of the cycle.

The right-hander gets physically in rhythm every time he is on the bat. While waiting for the pitcher to finish, Sheffield swings his body back and forth, shifting his weight up and down his hind leg and bouncing his bat on his right shoulder.

“It’s really like a timing mechanism,” Shuffield said. “I just do this until the pitcher reaches a certain point and then I lift my leg and go from there.”

The routine has been particularly helpful in powering the 5-legged-9 slugger – through 40 races, Shuffield has already reached the top of his career with 14 doubles, five three-pointers and seven home runs this year.

The Bobcats led 17-0 at the bottom of the fifth when it was Shuffield’s turn to strike again. Trout was starting to get his players out of the game, but he wanted to give his superior one last chance to complete the round. Sheffield made a deep move to the left, but the ball landed just in front of the warning post, unable to clear the fence. However, the extra kick from the base brought another runner to the hosts and as second-year student Cade Manning came in to play for Shuffield, the shortstop ended the day with two doubles, two three-pointers, three RBIs and four rows.

“In the last at-bat, I would definitely try to do it,” Shuffield said. “It simply came to our notice then. “I hit it pretty well though, so I’m happy about it.”

“It was fun to see that,” Wuthrich said. “I have been living with him for five years, going to the dormitory. So it ‘s fun to see him succeed and enjoy it. “

Little Rock made sure Sheffield did not have such a good game on Sunday, deliberately led him to his first appearance and beat him in another, keeping him at 1-3 on the plate for the day. Shaffield also made a couple of mistakes during the competition, a total of three for the series.

But by the end of the match, the Texas State (32-9, 15-3 Sun Belt) withdrew with a 9-2 victory, the ninth consecutive victory and a scan in its last consecutive series with the Trojans (16-19, 6- 11).

Sheffield is currently in second place in the sun zone with an average of 0.392 and third in the league with 1.149. He will look forward to continuing his dominant season when the Bobcats travel to play UTSA (27-13, 12-6 Conference USA) on Tuesday at 6 p.m.

“Dalton is one of the best players in our program,” Trout said. “Well, I think it will set a lot of records, I hope it ends here.”

Shuffield breaks triples record, leads Bobcats to sweep of Trojans Source link Shuffield breaks triples record, leads Bobcats to sweep of Trojans

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