Shocking moment American Airlines passenger punches flight attendant after being denied coffee while facing jail

This is the shocking moment when an unruly passenger punches a flight attendant who is denied a cup of coffee.

Alexander Tung Cuu Lee, 33, caused chaos on American Airlines flight Flight from Mexico To Los Angeles on wednesday.


Passengers cause chaos after punching staff on American Airlines flightCredit: Barrie Livingstone


He was escorted off a jet and arrested on suspicion of obstructing a flight attendant.Credit: Barrie Livingstone

He was escorted off the jet and arrested after the plane landed on suspicion of obstructing the crew. California.

Lee is said to have tried to move to a seat near the first-class cabin.

The suspect reportedly began mumbling about “murderers” on the plane, whispering, “There are 10 killers on the plane.”

Lee was then allegedly confronted by two flight attendants about his strange behavior.

Footage shows a male flight attendant standing in the aisle in front of the suspect.

As the exchange heats up, the flight attendant asks the disgruntled traveler, “Are you threatening me?”

The suspect appears to stagger towards him and a flight attendant can be heard saying, “Okay, that’s all.”

As the staff turns around and starts walking away, Lee sprints towards him and hits him in the back of the head with a closed fist.

Dressed in an orange hawaiian shirt, Lee appears back in his seat when a flight attendant calls authorities to get his cuffs.

The suspect was removed from the plane by Los Angeles police officers as soon as the plane landed and was subsequently taken into custody.

If convicted, Lee could face up to 20 years in prison.

He is scheduled to appear in court in downtown Los Angeles.

A spokesman for American Airlines said the man was banned from boarding the plane and was detained by police. daily mail report.

“American Airlines does not tolerate violence against team members,” spokesman Derek Walls said.

“The individuals involved in this incident will not be allowed to travel with us anymore and will be working closely with law enforcement to investigate.”

The Association of Professional Flight Attendants, a union representing more than 26,000 American Airlines workers, called the incident “dangerous” and “life threatening.”

Few days after the terrifying footage I captured the moment when a passenger tried to break the window of the plane in the air with your feet.

ferocious man caused chaos on flight to dubai When he started kicking the window of the aircraft while the flight attendants desperately tried to calm him down.

In a gruesome scene, after a fight broke out on the plane, a man started punching and kicking the seat before fighting a flight attendant. Pakistan international airmail.

Flight attendants were forced to physically restrain him after he became violent.

The man was arrested when the plane landed in Dubai and deported to Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad. Shocking moment American Airlines passenger punches flight attendant after being denied coffee while facing jail

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