Sherri Papini arrested – 7 chilling clues married mom ‘FAKED’ her abduction after claiming she was snatched & tortured

MARRIED mother Sherri Papini is accused of lying to police after she claimed she was raped and tortured by two women.

The California, now 39, was arrested Thursday – more than five years after she disappeared.


Sherri Papini asked her husband if he would be home for lunch on November 2, 2016 – before she disappeared
She claimed she was raped by two Hispanic women


She claimed she was raped by two Hispanic womenCredit: AP: Associated Press

She went missing on November 2, 2016, prompting a lengthy search involving family members, police and the FBI.

Her family was worried she had been abducted after going for a jog.

She was found on Thanksgiving 22 days later near a highway by a driver – more than a hundred miles from her home.

But, police say Papini was never abducted when police later discovered she had presumably been with an ex-partner who lived about 600 miles away from her home.

Here, The Sun looks at the seven cold clues behind the story of her alleged abduction.


Papini was reported missing on November 2, 2016.

Just after 10:30 local time that morning, she asked her husband Keith if he would be home for lunch.

He responded to her text and said he would not be.

At 5pm that night, Keith returned to her home in Mountain Gate, but could not find Papini or her two children, which caused panic.


Keith used the Find My iPhone app which helped track her device.

He discovered her headphones loosely wrapped around her phone – less than a mile from her home.

Beaches of hair were also discovered at the intersection of Old Oregon Trail and Sunrise Drive.

After making the discovery, Keith then reports his wife is missing, prompting a widespread search.

He told Good Morning America at the time: “Anyone who knows my wife knows that there is no reason for her to leave.

“She was definitely taken against her will.”


The search lasted about three weeks before a motorist found the mother of two.

Papini was reunited with her husband Keith and their two children.

When questioned by police, she claimed she was being held by two Hispanic women.

She claimed that her “kidnappers” were armed with a pistol, beat her and held her prisoners in a cellar.

The mother claimed that one of them left her on the side of the road.


Cops investigating the case said in 2016: “Sherri appeared abused and bruised, her hair was cut off to shoulder length and she had a mark on her right shoulder.”

Keith told GMA: “My first sight was my wife in a hospital bed.”

He said she had bruises that were both yellow and black.

Keith added: “She is brand name and I could feel the rise of her crusts under my fingers.”

The mother-of-two gave FBI investigators sketches of the alleged kidnappers.

She said one was between 20-30 years old, about five feet five inches tall, and had curly dark hair.

The other suspected abductor was between 40 and 50 years old and had long black hair.

Papini underwent a forensic investigation, but detectives found no female DNA on her body.

But police at the time believed she had been abducted – despite some similar inconsistencies in her account.


The investigation continued, even after Papini was found and CCTV images were released in 2017 as part of the probe.

At the moment, it seems that the mother is running away from her alleged abductors.

Footage showed Papini walking to a church before returning to the freeway.

Cops said they marked a driver – about seven minutes after the footage was made.

Shasta County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Brian Jackson told PEOPLE: “She sought help.

“She saw a building and did not know what it was and went to seek help.

“It was 4 o’clock in the morning and there was no one.”


Cops also found that Papini had texted a man from Detroit, Michigan – days before she disappeared.

Jackson said, “It was an earlier contact she had years earlier.”

He explained that the person was someone she had met before and stayed in touch with.

Jackson said the man had visited Golden State, but not Redding – Papini’s hometown.

He added “there is no indication that they met”.

The man was questioned and the police decided he had nothing to do with the alleged kidnapping.

Cops also ruled out Papini’s husband Keith as a potential suspect.


In her teens, it was reported that Papini was running away from home.

In 2000, mother Loretta Graeff claimed that her daughter, who was then 21, had harmed herself and blamed her, according to a 911 call log obtained by the Sacramento Bee.

It also claimed she wanted advice because Papini apparently intended to return to her mother.

Details in the police report were thin, as it was never revealed if Papini had actually harmed herself, according to ABC.

Shasta County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Pat Kropholler told the outlet that calls were made because the family was seeking advice.

Papini has since been accused of making false statements and committing postal fraud.

Phillip A. Talbert, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of California, said, “Finally, the investigation revealed that there was no kidnapping and that time and resources that could be used to investigate current crime were affecting the community. protecting and providing resources to victims was wasted. “

Shasta County Sheriff Michael Johnson added: “Everyone involved in this investigation had one common goal: to find out the truth about what happened on November 2, 2016, with Sherri Papini and who was responsible.”

The mother faces a post-fraud charge and could face up to 20 years in prison.

She faces up to five years in prison after being accused of lying to officers.

Grainy CCTV images showed Papini walking at night


Grainy CCTV images showed Papini walking at nightCredit: Shasta County Sheriff’s Office
She claimed that the 'kidnappers' kept her prisoners in a cellar


She claimed that the ‘kidnappers’ kept her prisoners in a cellarCredit: AP: Associated Press
Papini was reported missing on November 2 before being found 22 days later after a grueling search


Papini was reported missing on November 2 before being found 22 days later after a grueling searchCredit:

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Sherri Papini arrested – 7 chilling clues married mom ‘FAKED’ her abduction after claiming she was snatched & tortured Source link Sherri Papini arrested – 7 chilling clues married mom ‘FAKED’ her abduction after claiming she was snatched & tortured

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