Sheriff’s sergeant accused in ‘To Catch a Predator’-style sting is under investigation

A Sheriff’s Sergeant is under investigation after posting a video of a sting led by a citizen on the Internet on Friday night, who allegedly asked for sex from someone posing as a minor boy.

Luis Rios, a 25-year-old veteran of the Sheriff’s Department, had been a sergeant for about a year and had been placed in San Diego Central Prison, sheriff’s officials said in a statement Saturday. Officials said they “took immediate action” after the allegations surfaced, placing him on an administrative mission Friday night, officials said.

Officials said the department had opened an internal investigation into the allegations, but did not say whether a criminal investigation was under way.

“We take these allegations very seriously and will conduct a thorough investigation into the matter,” the statement said.

We were unable to contact Rio directly for comment on Saturday.

The sting was carried out by members of a group of citizens called People v. Preds, who pose as minors on the Internet and engage in sexual conversations with adults and then expose them in public when they suspect they are trying to date for sex. They and similar groups based in San Diego County, they aim to continue where Dateline NBC’s “To Catch a Predator” stopped more than a decade ago.

People v. Preds posted a video of a confrontation on Instagram on Friday. A member of the group is shown with a camera approaching a man, allegedly Rios, in a silver SUV in a parking lot, in what was supposed to be a meeting with a minor boy.

The man denies his name is Lewis and says he is waiting for a McDonald’s order. When the cameraman shows him a photo and asks him if it is him, the driver recognizes that it is him and asks where the cameraman took it.

The cameraman then asks the driver for online chats with teen bait, and the driver picks up his window and leaves, with the license plate recorded on the camera.

The group usually broadcasts their debates live and then posts a generated video package – including chat history screenshots – on YouTube a few days later. This video was not available on Saturday.

In an audio-only excerpt filed on Twitter, one of the group summarizes messages allegedly exchanged with a different bait posing as a 15-year-old boy in October, including a documentary discussion suggesting a sex encounter.

The group of citizens also posted on Instagram selfies that were allegedly sent to at least one of the baits of a man dressed as a deputy sheriff.

According to a screenshot of the letter published by The Activated Podcast in Keladima.

“I am writing to you tonight to inform you that any allegations of misconduct, criminal activity or other breach of public trust by any of us will be investigated promptly and thoroughly,” the letter said.

The letter also urged all employees to protect the department’s reputation and their own integrity and honor, and to receive professional support and wellness support when needed to deal with work-related stressors.

Sheriff’s sergeant accused in ‘To Catch a Predator’-style sting is under investigation Source link Sheriff’s sergeant accused in ‘To Catch a Predator’-style sting is under investigation

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