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When I called Rashan Shehe on Tuesday afternoon, there was a moment of ups and downs after he said he was only absent for about two weeks each year.

The limited vacation wasn’t too surprising to me. Especially considering that Shehee had just accepted a full-time position as Bakersfield High’s head football coach with the provisional tag he had after replacing Michael Stewart three weeks after the season.

In addition to the fact that he is also a BHS Varsity Girls Basketball Coach, a full-time teacher at school and, yes, coaching his sixth grade son RJ’s Travel Basketball Team.

So I was really interested in his answer and asked what he planned for his vacation.

His reaction was a little late and started with a little laugh, “Does it mean a two-week vacation, vacation?” He said. “I don’t take two weeks off, boys take two weeks off.”

This is Rashan Shehe’s life, and it’s no wonder that before spending a few seasons with the Kansas City Chiefs and the NFL, he’s busy with the prominent athlete of the former Foothill High, who starred as a running back at the University of Washington.

Shehee understands her commitments in every aspect of her life and is motivated by her deep desire and need to make a positive contribution to everyone as much as possible.

“I want to influence,” Shehee said. “I want to have a positive impact on the lives of these kids, because looking back on my youth, it wasn’t about getting As and B in the classes I remember. It impacts my life. It was those teachers, their adults and their mentors who gave them.

“That’s what I remember most. So I want to be one of the mentors and coaches that influence these kids. Someday I’ll come back and say,” Coach, you’re for me. Thank you for everything you did, or just talk to me. ” In any case, as long as I can help them. “

The same high expectations from himself, and those who play for him, have led to many successes on the basketball court. During his tenure at BHS, his team reached the section finals under Shehee’s five-year command, winning three championships during that period.

The secret to success in this past football season has shown that it can also be translated with grid irons. After a match against COVID-19, which started 0-3 against some of the state’s best teams and wiped out three weeks of the season, Shehee took over as interim coach and led BHS to a 6-3 record. I did. Section Division II Championship Game.

“That’s the good thing about Rashan, who is exactly his high character,” said Bakersfield Principal Ben Shirley. “He has all the positive traits you would want a good leader to have, so getting him to confirm that he is a future coach is a great comfort to the future of Bakersfield High Soccer. So it’s certainly an exciting time. “

Despite his success on the football field this season, things haven’t been easy for Shehi, as you can imagine, and he took weeks to decide his future path. Taking over as a provisional coach was a challenge, especially when he tried to reconcile his existing responsibilities with new expectations.

“Everything for me is about preparation,” Shehee said. “If I’m ready, I think I can plan for success. It was hard last year because I wasn’t ready and I couldn’t get it to work. I wasn’t preparing to take over in the middle of the season, so now the challenge, and I can take over the program and get ready for a complete off-season of work, then where we do this program I am intrigued by the challenge of being able to see what I can take. “

Shehee’s plan to continue the team’s football momentum is already underway, even though the coach has been fully open in the Drillers Girls Program, which started 7-1. One drawback is the confiscation of Ridgeview due to a schedule accident.

“This year was just a year to’make it work’when we encountered a particular situation,” Shehee said. “Now I can plan it and get into it. And I can make adjustments where I think it suits me. After I actually think about it and think about it. , You can make informed decisions.

Shehee is already thinking of putting the team in a weight room, designing individual training for this team, and sending an assistant to a coaching clinic. It’s all in preparation for what he wants to be successful on and off the football field.

I have a lot of things I want to do in my head right now, “said Shihee. “I think this will be a very successful program, but it will be a complete off-season of work.”

This is similar to the success blueprint that Shihee has established in the women’s basketball program.

“The reason the girls have been so successful is all the extra work and the time and energy spent by me, my coach and my players,” said Shihee. “And I can’t stop it. I want you to continue to succeed. This is a laid out blueprint. Now it teaches boys the same thing. The reason you succeed is the work you put in. Thanks to the extra work put into it. We have to teach them these things. “

Shehee looking forward to challenges as the new BHS football coach | Sports Source link Shehee looking forward to challenges as the new BHS football coach | Sports

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