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Melanie Zanona, CNN

Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell said:PuzzledWhy still so many people in the country Not vaccinated.. The answer is, in part, Within his own party..

Even as Republicans rely more publicly on vaccines and personally reject McConnell’s early aloud anti-vaccine rhetoric, many of the GOPs are still the biggest criminals of vaccine hesitation. I hesitate to confront one person. False alarm It is disseminated by members of my party.

Even GOP lawmakers with a medical degree who are some of the party’s most noisy vaccine advocates to Republican colleagues who are afraid of vaccines or actively discourage people from being shot. I hesitate to call out.

Georgian Congressman Buddy Carter, a pharmacist and member of House GOP Doctors Caucus, told CNN that Georgia Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene recently had a Twitter account. pause About Vaccine Misinformation — Her opinion has “all rights” even if he disagrees with it.

And Brian Babin, a member of the Republican doctors’ group in Texas, urging people to get vaccinated, told CNN: This is America. “

“All we can do is encourage people to take shots,” he added.

Republicans want more Americans to be vaccinated, but ultimately believe that it is a personal choice and should not be mandated by the federal government-Republicans in favor of small government A clear nod to the base-for such orders that the Byden administration has not promoted.

Among some Republicans, the best way to combat vaccine opposition within the party is to continue to preach on the safety and efficacy of vaccines rather than fighting the party’s most radical and violent members head-on. That is to say. ..

But there is another political reality that confirms that Republicans are hesitant to force back the false alarms of vaccines that spread within the GOP. Republicans are uncomfortable with any form of censorship on social media platforms. Tech has been screaming for rallying in recent years.

“We need to correct the wrong information, but at the same time, we can’t tell these platforms what the wrong information is, what isn’t,” Carter said.

The message of the DPT vaccine, in which Republicans appear to be trying to do it both ways, can make it difficult to convince disliked Americans to be shot. Some say that the tone on the right changes too little and too slowly. A deadly new Delta variant ran through the community, and vaccine skeptics stubbornly delved into opponents in line with party policy.

Colorado Democrat Diana Deget said: “There is an outbreak of delta variants. The correlation is between the red Trump area and the spikes.”

GOP messaging shift

With the proliferation of coronavirus cases and new signs on Wall Street, some Republican corners are spending more time showing that they are taking the vaccine more seriously.

Most notably, Louisiana’s House Minority Whip Steve Scallis, the second-ranked Republican in the chamber, received his first vaccination last weekend and appeared on Fox News to talk about it, most notably. You have reached a group of skeptical voters. shot.Some parts of Fox newsBut recently, it has moved significantly away from the rhetoric of vaccine repellent.

Meanwhile, House Republican Doctor’s Caucus is holding a press conference on vaccines on Thursday with Scallis and Elise Stephanik of New York, who chairs the House Republican Conference. The group also plans to recirculate some of the reduced PSA earlier this year and encourage people to vaccinate.

“In many parts of the country, there are concerns that people are not vaccinated, so I would like to address the data there,” said doctor Mark Greene, a Republican in Tennessee. I will. “We want to make sure people understand the facts.”

Throughout the Houses of Parliament, McConnell is one of the most consistent and vocal Republicans on this issue, and continues to emphasize the importance of vaccines in both Kentucky and Washington. For McConnell, a polio survivor, this issue is very personal.

“Well, I don’t know if it can be clearer than ever. I’ve been saying the same thing about vaccination,” McConnell said at a press conference this week. “It’s not entirely unclear that the way to avoid returning to the hospital is to get vaccinated. I encourage everyone to do so and give these other voices clearly bad advice. I want to ignore everything. “

However, Republicans who support vaccination rarely push back directly to GOP colleagues who are fueling the fear of vaccination by disregarding misleading information and the severity of the virus. And false information continues to spread within the party, and this issue is a new frontier of cultural warfare.

Green defended Twitter’s post earlier this week, making false claims about vaccine-related deaths and telling CNN, “Unfortunately, we all die of something.” Colorado Republican Lauren Boebert has mentioned health officials on Twitter trying to get more people vaccinated against the “needle Nazis.” North Carolina Republican Rep. Madison Corthorn said the government would then try to take guns and the Bible after the Biden administration knocked on the door to encourage people to get vaccinated.

Some Republicans admit that the spread of disinformation on social media is a problem that is preventing more people from being attacked, but publicly blames or intervenes in Big Tech. I am also reluctant to ask for.

A Republican lawmaker said he spoke only anonymously about fringe members at a Republican meeting. … But some people do not follow reason. “

Republicans are also clamoring for vaccine use, and at the same time eager to swipe in Democrats, and the 2022 midterm elections are imminent.

Republican doctor Bill Cassidy of Louisiana has accused the White House of a “partisan statement” of the country’s lack of confidence in the vaccine. Meanwhile, Scallis praised the shot as “safe, effective and widely available,” but last year asked President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, who were under development under the Trump administration, “questioning the effectiveness of the vaccine.” Was presented. “At that time, Harris and Biden were saying Did not trust Trump’s words They trusted scientists, only about potential vaccines.

And even the Vaccine Press Conference hosted by the House Republican Doctor’s Caucus had to add another item to the agenda that revitalized the Republican foundation, the origin of the coronavirus.

“We have to see the origin of this,” Green said.

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