Sharks’ Karlsson frustrated by shutout: “You score 0 goals, you win 0 games.”

Season series against New York Rangers It was repeatedly called “irritated” by both San Jose Sharks Player and head coach Bob Buffner. Nick Bonino, returning from the league’s COVID protocol, is optimistic about what the team can take out of the loss, as well as goalkeeper Adin Hill and first-time all-star Timo Meier’s acclaimed Buffner. It looked like it was.

But defender Eric Carlson didn’t chop up his words, and didn’t give in to the shortcomings on the side of the ice shark, not the Rangers goalkeeper.

Here’s more about Igor Sheschokin, power play, and what they had to say about how the team would move forward.

Eric Carlson

Why make Sheschokin a tough goalkeeper: I think he played great, but I’m not going to say anything about it. He is a good goalkeeper. He made some good saves, but when we need to win more goals we don’t do enough or play right, it’s me It is in us. But again, yes, he played well for them.

Tolerance for top teams: Looking at the chances of scoring and the chances of scoring, they transformed more than we did. They have elite players who play the right time at the right time. We’re really working hard, but we can’t magically reach our goals.

About giving up shorthand goals: [Leading the league in shorties is] Obviously not good statistics. Again, you score zero goals and you win the zero game.

Nick Bonino

About Traveling from Philadelphia: It was a long day. As I told my wife, it felt like a long day of giving birth twice on the day of the game in the playoffs. I was very used to it and was a little tired. But to be honest, I felt pretty good today. Tonight, Bougie was very good at using me and I felt pretty good.

Meyer’s Season: He has a great season. Obviously, he’s an all-star and it’s not surprising. He is doing a lot of things right. He is good at power play, but in reality he is in charge of play. I know that because they showed the statistics on the last broadcast, but 5 to 5 he has power there. You have a lot of chances tonight, [Mario Ferraro], There are some backdoor opportunities and will not go for him. I think it’s a little better value for the team tonight, but obviously I’m very happy with him.

Why make Sheschokin a tough goalkeeper: He is really, really good. We don’t see him much, but he locked us out twice this year. As I said behind the scenes, I don’t know how many grade A there are. Is it grade A of 5, 6 or 7? I didn’t feel like they were going to come in.

He never shifts and never swims. He is a square He works really well and he is just the right goalkeeper. We sometimes made it difficult for him — obviously all teams say they can make it stronger with goalkeepers — but I think we’ve reached the net And it couldn’t solve him in 120 minutes now.

You have to fill your chances. Sometimes I haven’t earned a ton this year. Again, I thought I played a pretty solid game tonight. It’s probably worth a little more work, but I play a good goalkeeper, so I need to fill in as much as I can.

About Series Sweep: It’s frustrating. They are one of the top teams in the league and in two games I think we played correctly with them. I think I was able to win both games. I don’t know how many shots I took in New York, but I think I couldn’t take any of them even though I took nearly 70 or 80 shots. [goal].. It’s definitely frustrating. They defend hard, they are a good team. It’s no mystery why they’re moving up.

When playing from behind: To do [make the other team harder to score on].. Especially when scoring for the first time. […] There is no mystery there. I like to score first. It will happen where we are scored first, but we seem to score a lot in power play, a short against us, something that obviously can’t be continued. When playing power, you need to gain at least some momentum and score.

Timo Meier

About giving up shorthand goals: It’s very frustrating. We know that our special team has to be better. […] As a power play player, you are there to score goals and don’t want to be scored. It’s definitely frustrating, but we’ll work on it. The next game will come back stronger, and it will make a difference.

About Jeffrey Biel: He is a huge man for us. He shows that he is a very tough guy and no one is afraid. It’s huge for him to step in and give everyone some energy.

About the goals reviewed: To be honest, I was right above the goalkeeper. I really didn’t see the pack. I don’t know where the pack was.

About Sheschokin: He was a good goalkeeper and made some big savings. […] It’s definitely frustrating. I would like to get one point there. So I think I hit the post or his knob. I wanted to find a way to win in one of the nights. He made some good saves. I thought the goalkeeper went well. That’s the way she sometimes goes. I tried it, but I don’t think it was available.

Bob Buffner

About the goals of the 3rd term: Anyway, I couldn’t score a goal, so I don’t think it’s a problem now. You have to score to win. I remembered many of the games at Madison Square Garden. It was 1-0 when we played them and we played a good game. I thought I played a good game tonight. I don’t think we shot ourselves with our feet or were dominated by any territory. Sheschokin made some good saves early on. I couldn’t find the goal I needed, but I fought hard.

The difference was to give up shorty. This means that you want to create at least 3, 4 or 5 chances when you get power play early in the game. Instead, you’re behind the net. But we fought hard and couldn’t find an attack. Not because there is no chance.

schedule: We finished our trip to the East Coast there, we played a lot of hockey. Tomorrow is a holiday. I think that rest is necessary both mentally and physically.

About the success of sharks: We have done a lot of great things. From the second time onward, I think there were 9 to 8 or 9 to 7 chances. Defensively, we played a pretty good game. Obviously when we open it up and try to launch an attack, it’s when we’re giving up some chances a bit on the contrary. We stuck to the game plan and played hard. It’s a pretty talented team over there, they got some offensive weapons, and their tycoon scored tonight. There was a well-generated night, but I couldn’t find the answer in Sheschokin.

Adin Hill: We asked him to give him a chance to win every night, and I think he did it. You can see that he is fighting fiercely on the net. He’s calm, calm, and definitely gives him a chance every night. It would be nice to launch a little more attack for him. In the Philadelphia match, Tommy Hertle left and was late for the party before Detroit entered. In the same way, I had to find one while working overtime and scored only one or two.

I’ve said it for a long time, when you’re not scoring, or your attack isn’t natural — unless two or three of your big boys leave, the error margin is very slim. And you can see it again here tonight.

About Chris Crider and his two-goal performance: He is an excellent player and one of the fastest players in the league. If I’m not misunderstood, I think it might be his 23rd goal of the season — he’s one of the NHL’s top goal scorers. They found a way there, and he found a way to use his speed there in a short-handed situation, and at the end of the game, on an empty net, and that’s his greatest weapon. He has a great year, and he is one of their big names scoring for them every night.

About Timo Meier being selected as an All-Star: I’m proud of him. He worked hard to reach this level. He was our most consistent and aggressive player all year round. In addition to that, he was acquired. He has much better details than before and has been successfully acquired. It’s great to see. He’s a difficult player to play every night to reach the level he’s in, and it’s great to see, and of course. He puts a lot of effort into it.

* Lightly edited for clarity.

Sharks’ Karlsson frustrated by shutout: “You score 0 goals, you win 0 games.” Source link Sharks’ Karlsson frustrated by shutout: “You score 0 goals, you win 0 games.”

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