Sharks Draft 2022: Mike Grier, Joe Will & Doug Wilson Jr. on Round 1

God San Jose Sharks Made a splash in the first round of 2022 Draft NHL By swapping back their early round pick for a later pick, while picking up two more picks along the way.

General Manager Mike Greer, Assistant General Manager Joe Will and Scouting Manager Doug Wilson Jr. met with the media to discuss the trade, as well as their eventual selection, Philip Beaststadt.

Here is what they had to say:

Mike Greer

On the weight of the last day: It’s been a hard 24 hours or so. The team still feels it, but I have to give them a lot of credit. They enlisted and finished the job and pushed it a bit because I think we all felt that was what Mosh would have wanted. He was so selfless and always wanted the best for everyone. We thought it was best to pass and the staff did a great job.

On how the trade united: We talked about it a bit before, but Doug and the team did a good job of identifying players we wanted and when the choice came, those players started to be unavailable. We thought it would be better to go back, get some value and get some more choices. So we feel good about being in the position we are in tomorrow.

We explored every way to improve our team and our organization. Nothing came off the table. If there was a good, young NHL player who was available, we checked it out. And we stayed at 11, researched and were ready. When we went back, we were ready to do that too. We tried to exhaust almost every avenue, so we will do what is best for the organization.

About why they went with Bystedt: He is one of the players we hoped to be [at 27th overall]. We just love his character, his makeup – a big chin that can really slip, and he has good habits in his game already as a youngster. What, you know, you’re a lot of these kids aged 17, 18, you have to teach them a lot of habits and he already has the habits in his game. He’s one of the players we recognized as a possibility and we’m really excited he was there.

On what conclusions to draw from the trade back: I think every draft is different. We thought there was a good return there going back. We will start building the pool of potentials even more than it is now and add some good players. We thought this was a good opportunity to do it. But I think every draft is different, every situation is different.

On the arena environment as CEO for the first time: It was great. We talked about it at the table and then we went back – I guess it was the perfect place to start editing a personal draft again. The fans there were great, it was noisy. There was a buzz in the building, when Montreal made some big moves, it was nice to see. When you’re in Montreal, you know you’re in a hockey town. It was pretty cool, and to make it my first draft, I think it was a great place to be and experience it.

On trade expectations with other GMs: I did not know what to expect, to be honest with you. We had a few conversations with different people during the night, but I guess it was pretty normal. It was a good experience for me, I enjoyed it, and the staff did a great job.

On adding two second-round picks: I think the guys are excited. This is their weekend. These guys are on the go, grinding, all year, missing events with their family and time with their family, so this is their time. I think they were excited to get a few more elections. And we believe we will have a chance to add some more good players here tomorrow.

Joe Will

If they won the trade: I think it helps. That is, some things; Number one, it’s a very good value for [the 11th overall pick] Get three such choices. And, just in our potential pool, we need players in different positions and different attributes. It really helps us to diversify and fill the potential customer base as Mike hinted at.

On the work through the death of Brian Merchant: It was a difficult day, no doubt. I think it was actually easy to stay focused because we talked as a group and said it was honestly what Us would have wanted us to do. He thrived on being next to the guys and being in the draft and everything hockey. He loved the draft, he was so interested. In his honor, it was actually pretty easy to focus on, but we miss him right now.

On how the trade united: It’s something we all worked on together [on]. worried [Wilson] and [Tim Burke] Focusing on the players, Mike focuses on setting up all the different deals and then I’ll look at the tables there, but it just has to come together. You balance who may be available in a particular place versus what you may get in trading. Mike did a great job just called the teams and explored the options.

When it came down to it, there were several other options on the table. There is always a choice, there are a few more deals you can make, but it was very attractive. Just put us back in place, we felt there was good value and ability to get a number of prestigious players to fill our pool of potentials.

We were very excited from today in the first place because we have nine picks and we have the number 11, and everything else is there, but these second round picks are a value, especially in the range we got them – Mike got them at a record high, the first half of the second round. It worked out very well for us. To be able to pick in the first round and still be with two high picks in the second round – and after that, do I think eight other picks, we are very excited for tomorrow.

On the atmosphere of the floor: There were some aggressive teams today. There was a bit of walking on the floor today I think with some player deals and everything else as well. And the election deal, it was a little different from some with the three elections there. We actually like it, it puts us in a great place tomorrow, starting right at the beginning of the second, we choose right away, and then not too long after that. We are very excited about this.

Doug Wilson Jr.

Why Philip Bystadt was the right choice: He just caught our eye every time we were there at Linkoping. So Linkoping, they won the championship at the J20 level, they beat Djurgårdens. He faced Ackland and Ogren and Ostlund and those guys. He played a huge role in the Swedish national team when it won gold this year as well. It was attractive for us that Phillip was an integral part, as a major skating center in the championship and gold medal team this year. He was just one of those players who kept catching our eye all year, in a premium position with size and speed.

On how the trade united: I very simply appreciated all of our team effort and the level of confidence in our scouting. Whenever we talked about elections, we were always more enthusiastic about the range we were trying to get into. It was a pocket of the draft that our guys recognized that we really wanted to get into. It’s hard to go from 11 to down to get three picks, and being able to do it as a team and trust it all, that’s what we’m very excited about. I can not get more excited about our early pick tomorrow, plus Philip.

I think if you ask any scout, he will say the more choices, the better.

* Easy editing for clarity.

Sharks Draft 2022: Mike Grier, Joe Will & Doug Wilson Jr. on Round 1 Source link Sharks Draft 2022: Mike Grier, Joe Will & Doug Wilson Jr. on Round 1

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