Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids Grand Opening Shakes The Town

Elk Grove’s children’s hair salon, “Sharkey’s Cuts For Kids,” located at 8246 Laguna Blvd # 360, opened on Thursday, February 24th. This sparked a holiday frenzy over the weekend, including discounted haircuts, mini manicures and videos. games. Kids could choose haircut stations with a variety of subjects, including princesses, firefighters, Disney, cops, and more.

The company’s slogan, “Where Fun Rules,” sets the tone for guests as they wait and as they cut their hair. The owner, Connie Austin, strives to make everyone have as much fun as possible, from the staff to the kids. Austin believes that customers should get more than they would get with a conventional haircut because their goal is to create a lasting experience for children.

“When adults cut their hair in salons, they want to come out refreshed. We want to please and give that same feeling to the kids here.”

-Connie Austin, owner of Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids

In addition, when caring for children ages 0 to 14, adapting to the growing needs of children is an ongoing mission. However, they have developed unique methods that address a variety of ages and stages.


Bright colors, stage lights, and smiling eyes greet guests as they first enter the hall. The cute and cheerful sharks on the wall are accompanied by a play area. Next to small toys and accessories were the haircut and beauty stalls. Complete or partial renovations may be requested with parental approval.


Small rows of cars lined the walls; Each station had corresponding miniature televisions that played cartoons and movies. Patiently, the children sat down and watched their hair combed. Some kids especially enjoyed playing in their cars. One parent shared his son’s delight with the police car in which he was sitting.

“He usually can’t stand cutting his hair, but this time he was patient and excited. His brother is an Elk Grove police scout, so he loves police.

-Verónica Quintinar, Father

While it may take a while to get a child to feel comfortable in the chair, stylists aim to comfort them throughout their visit. Comfort can also include shiny hair and pins, as seen in the photo on the right.

Parental appeal

Sharkey’s strives to prioritize safe experiences; after each haircut, a thorough cleaning process is performed to limit the spread of germs. In addition, a range of all-inclusive washes, cuts, dryers and styles can be offered; they even offer makeovers and organize private parties.

As an added bonus, the staff is diverse, all with unique training in childcare. Brittany, a stylist, has experience with children on the spectrum as she cares for children in her own family with special needs. She understands that some children may have a variety of sensory issues, so knowing the triggers has helped her calm children down in overwhelming situations.

“Knowing that it’s not their fault and vocalization problems can be difficult, so understanding what can be annoying is helpful.”

-Brittany Brown, Stylist

It is important to note that meeting different needs is not a problem for these hardworking staff. The visit of the parents is as important as that of the child.

Children’s experience

Overall, creating a calming experience in a sometimes chaotic atmosphere seems to be the main focus. Providing a unique angle to achieve a haircut captivates the imagination of your customers. From cartoons to Netflix, and even sports channels, all ages are sure to be satisfied. In addition, each child receives a lollipop and a balloon after their visit. In the end, parents can feel happy that they helped create a positive and lasting encounter in the hair salon.

Photo credit: Trinity Haynes

In its efforts to support the community, Sharkey’s donates a percentage of each haircut to local organizations. This includes making sponsored cuts to accommodate young people before the day of their adoption. Although Sharkey’s has always donated to local charities, this has been a selling point for Connie to invest in the franchise.

“The initial philanthropic mindset told me about the founders’ morale in addition to the end result. We donated locally.”

-Connie Austin, owner

To book an appointment, visit them online at https://sharkeyscutsforkids.com/. Also, be sure to check them out Instagram e Facebook for updates.

Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids is open Tuesday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Bring your children to have a lasting memory!

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