Shark attacks 2022: How many shark attacks took place in the United States?

A SERIES of shark attacks and sightings have been reported in the United States in 2022.

People everywhere from New York to California have suffered horrific injuries these were a result of an unexpected shark attack.


Across the coasts of South Carolina and California, warnings are being issued to beachgoers due to the increasing number of shark bitesCredit: The US Sun.

How many shark attacks took place in the United States in 2022?

On February 27, 2022, the third American shark attack was reported from San Miguel Island, California.

That Sunday, a group of divers searched for scallops, lobsters and other marine life off the coast of San Miguel Island.

One swimmer, who reportedly left unanimously and was only identified as Diver One, encountered a shark when they made their way back to the designated submarine.

The unknown female diver told Sharks follow: “As soon as I saw the white, I raised my head to see how far the boat was.

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“When I raised my head, I saw the large dorsal fin through it, which was much larger than my head.”

Diver One further shared: “Then it happened so fast … all I remember is the wide open mouth, bright white rows of triangular teeth, and the mouth so wide that I could no longer see her eye.

“A circle of teeth I now believe remained open until it felt something in my mouth.

“The rest was so quick that I don’t even remember seeing the mouth close, only the feeling of the fins coming off and then seeing the shark’s head with fins in its mouth.”

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The other members of the party were able to rescue their fellow diver quickly after warning them of the creature’s presence.

After the predator bit the female diver and injured her foot, paramedics took her to the hospital.

At the hospital, the injuries to her foot were reduced after a level three trauma and she left the facility with six stitches and antibiotics.

The California shark attack was the third of 29 recorded incidents in 2022.

The Long Island region of New York saw a string of brutal shark attacks happen on its beaches


The Long Island region of New York saw a string of brutal shark attacks happen on its beachesCredit: News 12

The previous two incidents occurred in the Florida cities of Dry Tortugas and Cocoa Beach.

Throughout the month of March, three separate encounters with the dangerous creatures took place simultaneously Florida location of New Smyrna Beach.

Another Florida resident got a shark bite to his knee while fishing on Lake Worth Beach.

The dangerous seafarers were responsible for more attacks in South Carolina, new yorkAlabama, en California in the following months.

On Wednesday, July 13, two separate shark attacks occurred at the new york beach Smith Point en Seaview Beach – lies in the the state Long Island region.

While one of the victims was identified as Arizona resident Shawn Donnely, the other swimmer remained namely as both incidents were proven to be non-fatal.

Attack survivor Donnely recalled NBC4: “It got my left calf and hit me off my board … when I fell off my board, I saw the fin and its back.

“I just had to take a second. I saw – my arms were there, my legs were there, I was like ‘I’m fine’.”

In a warning to Long Island swimmers, Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone said: “To have two of these incidents happen to us for this facility for this beach is incredible.

“So having a second incident like this is certainly not something we would expect.

“I think it’s an indication, though, that we’re looking at something of a new normal that sharks, these tiger sharks, are just a little too close to the coast.”

On Saturday, July 16, two more swimmers fell victim to non-fatal shark bites.

One was a 40-year-old Ohio resident Tasa Summerswho was on vacation in Daytona Beach, Florida when she was bitten on her leg.

The other beachgoer was a fisherman who came too close to a shark in the Florida Keys.

On Wednesday, July 20, attacks with courtesy from the predatory aquabists continued to plague new york en Florida as three more shark-related injuries were reported on the same day.

How can I prevent a shark attack?

To prevent them from becoming the victim of an attack by the cruel marine animal, experts have cited a number of ways in which swimmers can dispose of the dangerous predator.

Because of a shark’s ability to hear low – frequency sounds, marine life experts say to avoid excessive splashes in one area.

When a shark hears splashes, it can associate the sound with potential prey in distress.

Sharks are not likely to attack a group of people, they tend to go for a lone individual – so stay with a good number of other swimmers.

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Shiny jewelry can be identified as fish scales and can bring an attack on the individual wearing it, it is advisable to wear jewelry in the water.

Swimming too far from the shore can leave a person without immediate emergency assistance, beachgoers should stay close to land.

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Shark attacks 2022: How many shark attacks took place in the United States? Source link Shark attacks 2022: How many shark attacks took place in the United States?

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