Shake Chatterjee: My Love Is Blind Co-Stars Are the Jerks, Not ME!

Episodes of the reunion of a true show are often boring formalities in which Actors quickly find out what has happened in their lives since the filming ended.

But that was not the case Love is blind Season 2 reunion.

Shake Chatterjee introduced the weapons, detonating the special, and many viewers noticed that he seemed excited right from the start of the episode, as if something had happened before the cameras started spinning.

Of course, Shake had already developed a reputation as the number one evil of the season, so it makes sense for him to be defensive from day one.

But Shake says he’s not interested in the reaction of the viewers, but in the behavior of his own fellow actors.

As you probably know, Shake’s comments on Deepti Vempat and his complete lack of attraction to him earned him much criticism.

Much of the criticism was deserved, for the man really could not be silent about how uncomfortable he found his bride.

But Chatterjee claims he was on good terms with all of his actors — until they understood how fans of the series saw him.

Shake has released a new podcast called “Life Is Blurry” (of course), and in his first episode he talked about The 90-day-old groom stars and ferns in jars entrepreneur Stephanie Mattos about the way her co-actors betrayed her before the meeting.

“Did I look a little worse about the meeting? I was, “Chatterjee told Mattos.

Shake and Stephanie

“I was so hurt and upset about how it all happened,” he continued.

“All [was] just like, ‘Oh you’re a villain. All right, peace, man. We don’t want to be your friend with you. ”

Shake further claimed that “the entire cast” was “so, so obsessed with his own image.”

He claimed they did not “want to deal with” him, not because of his behavior, but because of the way he was misrepresented in the program.

“It was offensive to me. And it made me angry,” he explained.

“I mean, I said a lot of exact, true things. But like I said [as] a man who was wounded and beaten. “

In a recent interview, Shake claimed he spent a peaceful time with several of his actresses – including Deepti! – just days before the appointment was filmed.

“Less than a week before filming the reunion, I watched the Super Bowl with Deept. [Vempati]Shayne [Jansen]Kyle [Abrams] … If you had all these things to say, why don’t you tell me? ” he told us Weekly.

“Some people, I was like,‘ I was there for you. I was there for you a lot. Like Shayne. I loved him and felt betrayed. “

So Shake decided to launch his own podcast to tell his own side of the story.

Chatterjee reportedly mentioned that “love is unclear” (as opposed to blind) during the reunion period, but apparently he could not use it as a title “due to copyright issues.”

Shake further explained that the problems were a blessing in disguise, as “Life Is Blurry” is actually a more specific title.

“It actually fits well because my podcast isn’t just about love,” he told his listeners.

“There are many things that are confusing, unclear, foggy, unclear,” he continued.

“[But] The more you look at them, the more you learn and your opinions change. So for me, this is an opportunity to really talk not only about love, but also about the economy, about modern dating… canceling culture, sex work – because these are all obscure topics. ”

And apparently Shake’s reputation as well.

Although the guy really didn’t have to tell the whole world that he was thinking Deepti was ugly.

That shit was just unnecessary,

Shake Chatterjee: My Love Is Blind Co-Stars Are the Jerks, Not ME! Source link Shake Chatterjee: My Love Is Blind Co-Stars Are the Jerks, Not ME!

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