SF’s Nutty Archbishop Takes On Pelosi in National Advertising Campaign

Our own COVID superspreader, Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, is trying to build his profile in a national anti-abortion advertising campaign targeting Nancy Pelosi, but so far all campaigns have been bishops. It’s a hat, not a cow.

Among the many conservative factions that dazzle like children on Christmas Eve Texas abortion ban, This can lead to effective capsizing Roe v. Wade via Mississippi test case Now, in front of the Supreme Court, the Catholic Church is eager to intimidate politicians to confront the Church’s policy on abortion. problem?Elected Officials of Most Washington DC Catholics I ’m a member of the Democratic Party of Japan., And, less importantly, it includes President Joe Biden and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

The Renegade Catholic priest tried a bit while he was already trying to deny Biden’s communion, but Pope Francis Shot that shit last month. Here in San Francisco Captain COVID Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone Pelosi’s Harangu and pretty vocals Over her resolute support for the right to abortion, and now the Chronicle is Cordileone Run a national advertising campaign Against Pelosi. However,”Rosary of roses and NancyAre all hype and seem to have few results.

Above, there’s what Chronicle calls a “$ 50,000 digital ad,” but it wasn’t actually aired on TV and was designed to create the illusion of just a TV ad campaign. It looks like a YouTube clip. (Or, if that’s you, it might be run on YouTube between sermons.) Cordileone is the “star” of advertising, “now is an important time for our country, In particular, we need to do so. See our leaders increasingly moving towards a culture of death and pray for our political leaders.

“Death culture”, right?It’s rich Ignore COVID-19 restrictions And that bishop managed Adjust the outbreak..

The Chronicle adds: 30 seconds radio spotAlthough he does not specifically mention Pelosi, “Catholics pray for the conversion of the minds of parliamentarians and promise to fast,” it is broadcast on Catholic radio stations nationwide. It will be sent to her as a symbol of your prayer and fasting. “

Yeah, about that.Even a solid daily caller has a campaign Unable to get enough roses to match the number of signatures.. When the petition reached 3,500 signatures on October 1, the executive director of the campaign told Daily Caller, “I couldn’t find the 3,500 roses to send today, but I’ll deliver them to her.” (They delivered 1,000 roses.)

In addition, Pelosi tends to win these battles with the conservative media. As Chronicle points out, “In 2018, conservatives spent tens of millions of dollars calling her name on one in five Republican-created ads running that cycle. Result: The Democratic Party turned the house over. “

The intent here seems to be to scare Pelosi to think he is unwelcome in the Catholic Church. But, as the tweet above shows, Archbishop Mr., she has friends higher than you.

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SF’s Nutty Archbishop Takes On Pelosi in National Advertising Campaign Source link SF’s Nutty Archbishop Takes On Pelosi in National Advertising Campaign

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