SF Ethics Commission Fines Mayor London Breed Nearly $23,000 For Violations Including Gift From Nuru

Mayor London Breed agreed on Monday to pay a fine of approximately $ 23,000 issued by the San Francisco Institutional Review Board. This includes individual fines resulting from several ethical violations during the previous mayor’s term.

Violations included a widely announced gift from former boyfriend and former public works director Mohammed Null (her car repair) and are currently being charged by the federal government on suspicion of multiple corruption plans. .. $ 5,600 gift, Variety said last year, She and Null were “close personal friends” and were not disclosed at first because they were romantically involved.

Breeding Said in a statement She tells Chronicle that the fine from the Institutional Review Board is “fair,” and she says she has learned where to not cross boundaries in her role as mayor.

“The provisions here had no effect on my decision-making as mayor, but as mayor it is important to set an example and take responsibility for action,” said Breed. I am. I’ve learned from this process since the latest of these events happened. “

Other breaches, with a city fine of $ 22,792, include a 2018 letter from Breed to then Governor Jerry Brown calling for generosity about her brother Napoleon Brown. Armed robbery. Bleed had previously considered the sentence to be overkill and said her brother had been rehabilitated behind the prison for 20 years.

Other families wrote letters on behalf of Brown, but the governor refused to release him.

When the Institutional Review Board used the mayor’s office fixedly and referred to himself as the mayor of San Francisco in the body of the letter, Breed said, “Her official as mayor in complaining about personal interest issues. I am referring to my position. ” Violation of the mayor.

Bleed will pay $ 8,292 for non-disclosure of null gifts and $ 2,500 for a letter to Brown.

Another breach she has been fined is related to Null and the Federal Corruption Investigation. Bovis and John’s Grill owner John Konstin donate $ 1,250 each last year following accusations against Nuru and conspirator Nick Bovis, a businessman who owns restaurant Lefty O’Doul’s and Spinnerie. It became clear that I did.Pay the price Float for bleeds to ride the SF Pride Parade In 2015 she was still a supervisor. The Institutional Review Board considered these to be “excessive donations” that exceeded the $ 500 election donation limit, which was not disclosed in Breed’s election donation disclosure documents.

A total of $ 12,000, which is the majority of her fines, is actually due to this. She has been fined $ 7,500 for failing to disclose donations and $ 4,500 for accepting donations that exceed legal limits.

In a statement to Chronicle, Bleed’s lawyer Tom Willis said, “There is a reasonable explanation for all three issues covered by the regulation, but the mayor is responsible for her mistakes and is ready to move on. Is done. “

It’s not just the varieties that have to be fined to receive the gift.

Former SF Mayor and Supervisor Mark Farrell fined $ 191,000 from the Institutional Review Board for an illegal donation of that magnitude from the Political Commission (partially funded by Dede Wilsey) in a 2010 supervisory campaign. I was fined. Farrell filed proceedings over fines In 2016, and finally paid $ 25,000 for his breach.

The same was true for former coach Eric Mar. Fine of $ 26,000 in 2017 For receiving multiple gifts of concert tickets from Outside Lands promoter Another Planet Entertainment after being involved in approving the festival’s permit at Golden Gate Park.

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SF Ethics Commission Fines Mayor London Breed Nearly $23,000 For Violations Including Gift From Nuru Source link SF Ethics Commission Fines Mayor London Breed Nearly $23,000 For Violations Including Gift From Nuru

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