Severe weather forecast for parts of Gulf Coast; at least 2 dead in Louisiana

At least two people have died in Louisiana after one night’s extreme weather, officials said. weather Nearly 65 million people are affected along the northern Gulf Coast.

Parish emergency authorities have reported one dead and seven injured after a possible tornado struck early Saturday, parish president Jesse Verard said in a statement. It was.

A 48-year-old Shreveport man was killed on Friday night when a tree fell in his mobile home, the Cado Parish Sheriff’s Office said in a statement.

Nearly 6 million people in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida were affected by a level 3 bad weather threat on part of the Gulf Coast on Saturday.

According to forecasters, the greatest danger in these areas is due to wind damage, but large hail and isolated tornadoes can occur.

Flash floods can occur along the bay, with storms on Saturday.

A broader level of one-fifth threat spreads to the Ohio River Valley to the north and the Mid-Atlantic coast to the east, affecting more than 60 million people. Strong thunderstorms with gusts can occur.

By Saturday night, serious threats will begin to diminish. Storms near the east coast of Georgia and Carolina can dissipate while showers move to central Florida.

A tornado can occur at the beginning of Saturday

According to a statement from the Parish of St. Laundry, a tornado occurred at 2:15 am on Saturday and may have landed on Bolden Road near the state’s wildlife management area.

“The National Weather Service of Lake Charles today evaluates the site and analyzes radar damage to determine the size of tornadoes that can occur,” Verard said.

“We were working on removing debris and restoring electricity to the area,” the power crew, public works and animal management authorities said on Saturday, according to a statement.

A Shreveport man died when a tree hit his home around 6:30 pm on Friday night, Cado Parish Sheriff Steve Prator said in a news release.

“I found a big tree above the trailer house they were inside,” the lawmaker said. The man was found inside and said the house was severely damaged both inside and outside. release..

According to the liberation, the neighbor helped the woman from home and called 911 after hearing the tree fall. The woman was not injured.

The sheriff’s agent reported strong winds in the area at the time of the incident, Release said.

Severe weather forecast for parts of Gulf Coast; at least 2 dead in Louisiana Source link Severe weather forecast for parts of Gulf Coast; at least 2 dead in Louisiana

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