Sen. Scott Wiener Wiener Has Home Searched for Bombs After Weekend’s Wingnut Death Threats

Bomb-sniffing dogs were called to State Senator Scott Wiener’s home over the weekend after a message was sent to his staff claiming “we have planted bombs in his office and home”.

Sunday marked the six-year anniversary of the Pulse nightclub shoot in Orlando which killed 49 people at the Florida LGBTQ nightclub and was commemorated on its anniversary a memorial service. But this weekend was also marred by a series of acts of violence against the LGBTQ community: on Attempted large-scale attack by armed White Nationalists at a Pride march in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, and closer to home, the violently interrupting a drag queen story lesson in the library of San Lorenzo. And we learn now from the chronicle, Bomb threats for homes and offices by State Senator Scott Wiener, the SF legislator who authored several bills to protect the trans community.

No bombs were found, although the SFPD and the California Highway Patrol found the threats credible enough to search Wiener’s home with bomb-sniffing dogs. According to the Chronicle, “San Francisco Police Department issued a statement Sunday night that the threat remains ‘an open and active investigation.'”

“It comes in waves,” Wiener told the Chronicle Wiener Sunday. “In a normal ‘slow’ week I get three to five death threats. This week it was between 20 and 30.”

“It’s scary and definitely a first,” he continued. “I couldn’t go home for a few hours until the bomb-sniffing dogs left.”

Note: We’re embedding a copy of the threatening email below, which was posted by a Wiener employee. It’s fiercely homophobic and profane, of course, and interspersed with phrases threatening Wiener “will die today,” “you bastards all deserve to die,” “we’ll kill you,” and “we have bombs in his office and house.” placed. ”

Wiener noted that the bomb threat was “a first,” but the attacks on him for co-authoring trans rights legislation are nothing new. Any search of Wiener’s name on Twitter will bring up endless hateful right-wing posts accusing Wiener of pedophilia and “minting” his accounts Treat straight and LGBTQ people equally under the sex offender registry laws.

Even if you disagree with Weiner developer-friendly housing curvedor be Support for delusions of memoryit’s very easy to divorce these positions from his trans and LGBTQ advocacy, and how these make him a lightning rod for QAnon followers to link progressivism to child abuse or “grooming.”

And the great irony is that the Republicans who have accused the left of grooming are the same people doing it elected a child molester Speaker of the House of Representatives from 1999-2007, credibly have a seated member of Congress accused of paying for sex with a minorand have previously elected a member who asked teenagers for sex. And they can’t say anything about it Southern Baptist Church sexual abuse scandal which has more than 700 alleged victims actually speak on the record.

To state the obvious, the right-wing, which posesses itself as child defenders, will always ignore real-life sexual abuse victims who come forward, attacking their culture war enemies only in imaginary instances of sexual abuse. But in the age of Fox News and violent extremism, this tactic has a terrifying reach.

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Image: @Scott_Wiener via twitter

Sen. Scott Wiener Wiener Has Home Searched for Bombs After Weekend’s Wingnut Death Threats Source link Sen. Scott Wiener Wiener Has Home Searched for Bombs After Weekend’s Wingnut Death Threats

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