Seeking Sister Wife Season 4 Trailer: New Drama, New Couples, New Controversies

Ready to watch Seeking Sister Wife for the first time 4?

This polarizing TLC true show kicks off a series of new episodes on June 6 after a season that left a sour taste in the mouths of many viewers as VERY worrying allegations against Dimitri Snowden.

Snowden has thankfully been removed from the series (and hopefully from the planet in general), but Garrick and Dannielle Merrifield are prominently featured in this expanded trailer.

As it was said on television, the couple was single for about a decade … until Garrick felt God told him move into a diverse marriage.

The couple, who has two sons, then found Robert from Brazil online and decided to do so divorce to continue the relationship despite Dannielle’s mother and father’s concerns.

In Season 4, Merrifield tries to connect Robert with his family remotely – while they still open the relationship second partner home in Colorado

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“We need Bert to be 100 percent involved,” Dannielle explains in this footage as the Merrifields bring a possible third wife, Lean, into their unusual romance.

Roberta, for her part, isn’t quite disappointed with the polygamous arrangement, and told Garrick at some point that she won’t get kissed about her.

The stress caused by the complex relationship makes Dannielle merge and confessed to Roberta that she “guessed second” to their decision to bring her into the relationship, adding:

“It’s been very difficult because I couldn’t trust you.”

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Elsewhere, Sidian and Tosha Jones return to the show to chase Filipino beauty queen Arielle this time, as Sidian describes Arielle as “the most perfect face, the perfect body.”

This is not suitable for Tosha’s mother, as you might expect.

She says in the campaign that she is “not a fan” of her daughter’s situation.

Damn, Sidian even admits that “Arielle might be somehow outside my league” before she heads to the Philippines to meet her in person.

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What about new couples in the new season?

Introducing a three-part polygamous family, including Steve and Brenda Foley … who have previous experience of polygamy and are starting their journey again, this time with a much younger potential sister.

However, it is at least part of the Seeking Sister Wife course.

We’re not sure if the same can be said for the new Nick, April and Jennifer Davis.

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Both April and Jennifer consider themselves Nick’s wives … but both women are also legally married to each other … AND both have taken Nick’s last name.

The fourth season will see what happens when 21-year-old April settles in the family to the great chagrin of teenage boy Preston.

And that’s not all!

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According to a TLC press release:

“The Colorado party is also dating Danielle.

“The new relationship seems to be going well until some unexpected surprises are revealed along the way, at which point Danielle asks if she really wants this.”

Watch the crazy Seeking Sister Wife trailer now!

Seeking Sister Wife Season 4 Trailer: New Drama, New Couples, New Controversies Source link Seeking Sister Wife Season 4 Trailer: New Drama, New Couples, New Controversies

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