SDSU Cedes MW Tournament Crown to Boise State As Final Shots Fail to Fall in 53-52 Loss

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Trey Pulliam lost the moments that would have been the winning shot in the MW championship game. Photo: Screenshot, CBS Sports Network

State of San Diegounder one with the Mountain West Championship on the line, had the ball with 29 seconds left on Saturday and put it in the hands of Matt Bradley first and then Trey Puliam.

They must have liked their opportunities. But the ball did not fall and Boise State (27-7) beat the Aztecs 53-52 in Las Vegas to win the congressional automatic bid at NCAA Tournament.

This is not the end of the SDSU season – their chances of entering the tournament are good – but inside they give up their third game at Boise State this season, the Aztecs (23-8), last year’s tournament champion, had to watch the Broncos, making their first appearance in the title game, take the crown.

Coach Brian Dutcher described his team’s final possession as “as good as it gets on the line”.

Depressed Bradley agreed that “he had a great appearance”.

“I just had it on my lips and I missed it,” he said.

The game, which also featured Leon Rice, who was named Coach of the Year at the conference against Dutcher, the two-time top MW captain, was mostly a defensive game, with teams staying on one’s heel. another throughout.

They drew six times in the first half, which ended with Boise State leading 28-25 after droughts from both teams.

SDSU shared the ball, with Bradley and Lamont Butler leading by five points each as the team scored eight points after 12 offensive rebounds.

However, the Aztecs failed to score in the final 5:42 minutes of the half – including two blocks by Lucas Milner with attempts by Nathan Mensa – which ended in a long-range goal by Adam Seiko.

The Broncos did not even make a basket in the final 6:02, when a layman by Emmanuel Akot equalized at 23. After a Bradley jumper who put SDSU ahead, however, Boise State gained its edge advantage – Abu Kigab made three or six free throws, while Marcus Saver Jr. made one.

Akot leads both sides by 10 points at halftime, including one of four three-pointers for 12 Bronco points. But he left with just three minutes for the half with an obvious ankle injury.

After the break, however, Akot returned as the teams embarked on separate journeys that gave them a brief lead.

The State of San Diego opened with a Butler layout that sparked the Aztecs, who quickly climbed to 33-30. But Boise State’s Shaver responded immediately as the Broncos built a five-point lead with a 10-2 streak.

The teams exchanged baskets for a while, and SDSU regained the lead with a three-pointer by Butler, but again changed the path of Boise State and with just five minutes on the clock, Mladen Arbus, after a foul by Mensa, completed a three-pointer. I’m playing. That raised the Broncos by four.

The Aztecs kept pace with another three-pointer by Butler and a jumper by Bradley, and after Severe saw a basket canceled out in an offensive foul, the SDSU took a time-out and planned a game for Puliam with 29 seconds left.

However, the ball ended up in Bradley’s hands and with eight seconds left, his shot bounced off the edge. He managed to grab the rebound and take it to Pulliam, who tried to sign with a second left. He did not go and the elder collapsed in court disappointed as the Broncos began their celebration.

Now, the Aztecs are waiting for the NCAA Selection Show at 3 p.m. on Sunday to hear the fate of their tournament, though most college basketball commentators believe three to four MW teams will make it easy.

The event starts on Thursday with play-in games on Tuesday and Wednesday. The NCAA Championship match is set for April 4.

SDSU Cedes MW Tournament Crown to Boise State As Final Shots Fail to Fall in 53-52 Loss Source link SDSU Cedes MW Tournament Crown to Boise State As Final Shots Fail to Fall in 53-52 Loss

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