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Wildflowers are in full bloom George R. Bons Wildlife Sanctuary in the Antelope Valley, one of 16 wildlife sanctuaries in the Los Angeles area.

Olivia Misero of LA County Parks and Recreation reports that a variety of wildflowers are in bloom.

Wildflowers that are currently in bloom include purple lace’s yellow desert leaves or California golden fields.

“This year we count at least 18 species of wildflowers that bloom in the sanctuary this year,” Misero said. “It’s not what we would call a superb, but it’s still impressive.”

Misero said a fire broke out in the sanctuary in August 2020. Most of the larger shrubs burned in the fire, making wildflowers, especially lacy pheasants, less competitive with water’s light.

“The lace faeces are really out, much bigger than we’ve seen in the past,” he said.

Misero said the sanctuary provides significant resources for mule deer, mountain lions, bobcat, porcupines, coyotes and other small animals.

The sanctuary also captures birds such as western meadows, cacti, larvae sparrows, and steppe hawks.

Do not trample the flowers while visiting the sanctuary; walk carefully on the established paths. Bring water and apply sunscreen. Beware of snakes hiding under plants: flowers. It is forbidden to pick flowers.

The George R. Bones Wildlife Sanctuary, commonly known as the Desert Pines Sanctuary, is a small, 99-acre reserve in the far northwest of Los Angeles County. This beautiful sanctuary is located on the edge of the Mojave Desert, just north of the Libre Mountains, a few miles west of the California Tulip Reserve. Its typical gray pines, Joshua trees, diverse flora make this a beautiful, untouched natural wonder. It was opened in 1967.

George R. Bones Wildlife Sanctuary:
Crossroads West Avenue G & 205th Street West, Antelope Valley Freeway, Quartz Hill, CA 93536. Dirty roads may be required to enter the sanctuary.

Visit for more information Bones Wildlife Sanctuary.

SCVNews.com | Wildflowers in Full Bloom in Antelope Valley
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