SCVNews.com | UCLA Will Require Indoor Masking to Resume Through June 15

The University of California, Los Angeles, announced on May 26 that it would reintroduce a closed mask policy as coronavirus outbreaks increase in California, Los Angeles.

State officials predict that hospitalizations will nearly triple over the next month.

The UCLA’s 45,000 students – all faculty, staff – and visitors will be required to wear masks indoors from May 27 “following the gradual increase in COVID-19 cases at our university in Los Angeles County,” school officials said in a statement.

Los Angeles County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer welcomed the UCLA decision, which she said came amid a “significant increase” in incidents in the region.

“We encourage companies, institutions to move forward, to define the security protections that make the most sense, including the requirements for masking when inside,” Ferrer said at a weekly briefing.

UCLA officials also advised that food and / or beverage service should not be strongly encouraged during closed gatherings; weekly COVID-19 testing required շարունակ to continue daily monitoring of symptoms.

UCLA officials issued the following statement to the Brown community.

“The last few weeks have revealed a steady increase in COVID-19 cases in the Los Angeles County և at our university. Last week alone, UCLA had about 870 new cases that, according to the UCLA COVID-19 Pivot Matrix, would fit us
“Heavy” level.

We can respond to current trends so that we can reduce our risk of infection without disrupting individual education, university activities, including start-up celebrations. To stay ahead of the curve, our university takes several proactive measures, which are presented below.

Universal interior masking has been restored
A possible strategy to curb the spread of COVID-19, in addition to ongoing tests and daily monitoring of symptoms, is the consistent use of well-fitting masks inside. This simple, practical tool and mandate will take effect on Friday, May 27, and will run through Wednesday, June 15, for all students, staff, faculty, faculty, and visitors to UCLA, regardless of vaccinations. status.

Masks are also strongly recommended indoors, and indoor gatherings should be reconsidered if limited masks are expected, such as for eating or drinking.

– Buildings owned by UCLA. This requirement applies to UCLA Basic University; does not apply to rented or UCLA owned buildings that must comply with their respective building management records. In these cases, closed masking is still highly recommended for all UCLA affiliates and their guests.
Note ․ All UCLA rented building clinical premises still require closed masking in accordance with UCLA Health Protocols.
– Performing arts experiments և performances. Students, faculty, and staff who are required to wear masks during closed music և rehearsals, including wind instruments, songs, etc., may continue to do so, provided they pass the weekly screening test (PDF). Masks should be worn indoors when there is no active training, rehearsal or performance.
– Interior canteens. Those who eat indoors can remove their masks while eating or drinking. Outdoor dining options are strongly encouraged. Food and drink are strictly forbidden during closed events, gatherings, as they require the removal of masks.
– When you are alone in the room.

Internal launch ceremonies.
All attendees must wear masks indoors, including UCLA affiliates և outside guests.
Startup speakers can remove their masks to convey their graduation addresses.
Alumni can take off their masks instantly while walking on stage, on stage or next to a photo.
The updated masks are available to students, faculty և staff at the UCLA Emergency PPE Supply Store, John Wooden Center, all front seats, Student Affairs Center և Ackerman Union Level A information window.

Food / beverage service is not strongly recommended at closed gatherings
Food and / or beverage service is not strictly encouraged during closed meetings. If organizers plan to serve food և drinks indoors, they should consider booking a room that is too large for the number of guests և to ensure that those unaware of their vaccinations are at least 6 feet away from others when. removing their masks for eating or drinking.

Continuation requires weekly testing ամեն daily monitoring of symptoms
The requirement for the weekly COVID-19 test (PDF) for all those who work, study, live, and / or participate regularly in university programs, regardless of vaccination status, through the university vending machines and distribution centers, will continue through Wednesday, June 15. subject to extension). In addition, all individuals, regardless of vaccination status, who live, study, work, and / or regularly participate in UCLA’s programs must continue to complete the UCLA Symptom Monitor online survey prior to arrival at university or each. morning if you live at university. You should not visit campus for any reason other than a medical visit if you are ill or have symptoms until you have received confirmation. ”

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SCVNews.com | UCLA Will Require Indoor Masking to Resume Through June 15
Source link SCVNews.com | UCLA Will Require Indoor Masking to Resume Through June 15

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