SCVNews.com | Two Santa Clarita Sheriff’s Deputies Recognized for Dedication to Public Safety

Deputy Sheriff Santa Clarita, Esteban Perez and Carmengdiel, enjoyed the afternoon when local and state-level government leaders recognized their dedication to public security.

“It’s a great honor,” said Gudiel. “My heritage, culture, and everything my parents brought from their country and taught me changed me to me today, and it took me here. It shows not only my efforts, but their efforts and everything they did for me. ”

Congressmen Suzzette Vallardares, R-Santa Clarita, Santa Clarita Mayor Bill Miranda, Councilwoman Marsha McLean, and Los Angeles County Supervisor Kathryn Barger presented their certificates to two agents at the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Ceremonial Garden on Wednesday. ..

Ballidares recognizes outstanding Latino Americans in her district, including most of the SCV, along with Hispanic Heritage Month. Miranda, McLean, and Berger participated in support of the two lawmakers and the rest of the sheriff’s office.

After being honored as an Outstanding Hispanic by Law Enforcement Agency at the SCV Sheriff Memorial Garden at Sheriff Station in Santa Clarita Valley, Valencia on Wednesday 101321, Esteban Perez, the agent for Sheriff Station in Santa Clarita Valley (left). ) And Carmeng Diel juggle the certificate.Dan Watson / The Signal

“We support you 100%,” Miranda said. “We have always supported you 100%. As long as we are in the council, we will continue to support the sheriff department 100%.”

Perez moved to the SCV Security Office after starting working as a patrol officer at Lancaster Station for about seven years. He also has a remarkable number of arrests and dozens of praises from supervisors and civilians.

“Steve is one of the people I can trust, always smiling and always volunteering for everything,” said Sheriff Captain Justin Deeds. “I’m very lucky he’s at this station.”

Gudiel has been in the department for 16 years and began working as a reserve lieutenant before accepting a full-time lieutenant.

“Carmen has a very unique story,” Diez said. “She was seriously injured during training, and perhaps for many in the department it was a career-ending injury, but Carmen returned and became a productive member of the station.”

Her skills were recognized by her boss and manager, and she was eventually elected adjutant for operations, Diez added.

“She helps us run the entire station,” Diez said. “It’s everything from paperwork to COVID-related obligations. We certainly couldn’t work without you, and I don’t physically know what I would do without you.”

Gudiel and Perez said their parents tried to discourage them when they said they wanted to pursue a career in law enforcement. Still, they stayed firmly on their goals and reached the point of their career where they were honored for their work.

Gudiel added that pursuing a career in law enforcement is difficult both mentally and physically, but the benefits of serving the community make it worthwhile. Perez said he would encourage more Hispanics to pursue a career in law enforcement.

“We don’t always meet people on the best days, we have that knowledge, culture and background so we can understand and help others,” Perez said.

SCVNews.com | Two Santa Clarita Sheriff’s Deputies Recognized for Dedication to Public Safety
Source link SCVNews.com | Two Santa Clarita Sheriff’s Deputies Recognized for Dedication to Public Safety

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