SCVNews.com | TMU’s Dudeck Birdies 18th Hole; Propels Him to Victory at Spring Invite

By Tim Heyduk – Assistant Director of Sports, Events և Communication

Jack Dadek A year ago, you needed a playoff hole to win The Master’s University Spring Invite. This time he assured that it would not be like that.

The captain won the 18th hole to win the TMU Spring Invite with one blow, winning the individual title for the second time in a row at the Crystalaire Country Club.

“It gave me a lot of confidence knowing that I had played well here before,” Dadek said. “I felt ready. “My game has been trendy for some time now, so it’s good to finally put it all together.”

Master head coach Jacob Hicks “Jack was very stable, he competed like a champion. “He has a trick.”

After shooting four under-68s in the first round on Monday, April 4, Dadek entered the second “final round” on Tuesday, April 5, caressing one of the leaders.

“Just keep going, stay true to my process, knowing that what I do will work,” Dadek said of his mindset of entering the final stages. “One thing I remembered from last year when the coach told me before the playoffs was the following: “God already knows who will win, so just get out there and stay what you know how to do. “Whatever happens, it will happen.”

Dadek climbed to the top of the table in the second round, but after jumping 16 և 17’s holes and 17th bird from his closest rival, Dadek retreated to the lead, approaching the 18th Tea Box in the fifth half.

Despite the slow fluctuation of the momentum, TMU’s number one player remained confident as its biggest asset. his driver.

“I knew I had a noticeable advantage over them all day long distance, I knew I was going to hit it hard enough with the adrenaline,” Dadek said. “I knew I was going to have a shorter club, it was in the wind, so that was my advantage. The driver is my weapon in the bag, so I just got up there and tried to hold it a little to the left of the big tree on the right. ”

After a long journey, the reigning champion of the Golden State Athletic Conference delivered his second shot on the green field with just two shots for the bird.

He put his first 15 feet a few feet from the hole, and when Benedict Mesa’s best player missed the shot from the same distance for the bird, Dadek knew he just had to touch to win.

“The big thing that helped me there was that I just had to hit the bird with two blows, it has to get up and down the bunker,” Dadek said. “I knew it was putting a lot of pressure on him, knowing that I was probably not going to hit three, he’s going to have to make a birdfish to get to the playoffs. It definitely calmed me down a bit, I just stayed there. You try to make an eagle blow, but the two blows for the bird at least keep me in it. ”

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SCVNews.com | TMU’s Dudeck Birdies 18th Hole; Propels Him to Victory at Spring Invite
Source link SCVNews.com | TMU’s Dudeck Birdies 18th Hole; Propels Him to Victory at Spring Invite

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