SCVNews.com | Supes Proclaim August 2022 ‘L.A. County Step Out Walk to Stop Diabetes Month’

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors has approved a movement: Tuesday, by Supervisor Catherine Berger, Raises Public Awareness և Supports district administrations in their efforts to fight the deadly disease of diabetes.

The initiative directs all 37 departments in the county to mobilize its staff of more than 100,000 individuals, as well as the general public, in support of the American Diabetes Association’s Take a Step to Stop Diabetes campaign. It also declares August 2022 as “a step out of the Los Angeles area to end Diabetes Month.”

“Diabetes is a constant threat to public health, it deserves to be in the spotlight,” said Barger, whose Fifth District includes the Santa Clarita Valley. “COVID-19 has been gaining our collective attention for several years now, so it can expand our focus to” recognize other pervasive diseases that also disproportionately affect many communities and cause great harm, for example: diabetes. I’m proud to work with the American Diabetes Association to bring the Step Out campaign to the Los Angeles area. The funds he raised will be used to support research to help stop diabetes, a silent killer that weighs heavily on many who live with it. Involving our county departments in this diabetes campaign also helps bring information to our county customers, many of whom are among the most vulnerable in the region. They deserve the opportunity to be part of the solution. ”

Anita Dominguez, Executive Director of the American Diabetes Association of the Los Angeles Region, spoke about the upcoming community outreach campaign, highlighting its benefits. “The American Diabetes Association is pleased to be back in person at our September 17 event in Los Angeles,” Dominguez said. “This is a great opportunity to help your community raise money for research, advocacy, and education resources for people with diabetes.” With more than 54% of the Los Angeles County community living with diabetes or prediabetes, we are proud to work with the Los Angeles County to help raise awareness of the severity of this problem.

More information about the Step Out to Stop Diabetes campaign, including the link to register for the walk, is available at: diabeti.org/socalstepout:. Registration is free, a virtual participation option is available.

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SCVNews.com | Supes Proclaim August 2022 ‘L.A. County Step Out Walk to Stop Diabetes Month’
Source link SCVNews.com | Supes Proclaim August 2022 ‘L.A. County Step Out Walk to Stop Diabetes Month’

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