SCVNews.com | Supervisors Mitchell, Kuehl Back Proposed Plans for Permanent Camp Scott Facility

Mitchell և Kuhl’s motion for Supervisors’ meeting scheduled for March 15, 2022, proposed by Camp Scott in Santa Clarita և Calpatric Campus in the non-Malibu Gorge as a permanent facility for underage men formerly under the Juvenile Division. Power of Justice.

This decision contradicts the district’s own selection process. When making decisions of the Juvenile Justice Rearrangement Block Grant Subcommittee (Subcommittee), it was decided which institutions would be offered.

Of the four institutions on the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors subcommittee, Camp Scott is the least viable option for the proposed use. Although Camp Scott received the lowest possible rating for the only life-threatening category – resilience to potential fire / flood risk, the facility was nevertheless recommended for other facilities with better scores. Local hazards at Camp Scott և His dilapidated condition poses a significant physical threat to the district’s probation’s youth’s staff, as well as to locals who have to evacuate in the event of an emergency.

“Camp Scott’s mandate calls into question the integrity of the selection process և the district’s commitment to ensuring that evaluations and recommendations are made in the best interests of the young people serving in the institutions, the probation staff working in the institutions, and the communities near the institutions.” “- said Mayor Lauren Westen.

The city of Santa Clarita remains adamant that Camp Scott is completely useless because of its dilapidated infrastructure and serious environmental hazards.

“We are adamant against this plan, we will not back down,” said Mayor Laurent West. “We stand with all the people of Santa Clarita to protect the community of Saugus. We will uphold the letter of the law on such a serious lack of compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). ”

The petition indicates that the designation of the facilities և repairs are not subject to CEQA և directs the county staff to develop a proposed facility repair plan ներկայացնել submits the repair plan to the Supervisory Board within 120 days.

“This offer is a dangerous plan for our minors, who plan to be housed in a severely damaged Camp Scott. It is located in the area of ​​extreme fire danger, just below the Bouquet Dam ում, in the area of ​​severe և potentially deadly floods և narrow evacuation route will be almost impossible to get in and out: one way. The dam, built in the early 1930s, can hold up to 12 billion gallons of water. Camp Scott will be flooded with approximately 26 feet of water within 50 minutes of the dam breaking. It is extremely difficult to evacuate detainees as soon as necessary in emergency situations. As required by law, you will need prison buses that will allow prisoners to be categorized for their own safety. The CEQA review is absolutely necessary because of the proposed modified use. “If the district tries to stop CEQA, the city is ready to keep the line, no matter what,” said Mayor Westen.

In addition to the environmental concerns around Camp Scott, there are other amenities that are more convenient to use. Camp Miller, also located in the Malibu Gorge, was rated in conjunction with Campus Kilpatrick. It should be noted again that both Campus Kilpatrick and Camp Miller were proposed in the Youth Justice Reimagined Report, published in December 2020, to serve as long-term medical facilities for the DJJ population. Given the $ 45 million investment 2017 in 2017 և security improvements that are being implemented as Campus Kilpatrick is now being transformed into an intermediate solution for DJJ youth, Campus Kilpatrick և Camp Miller remain the most viable և practical options. which can serve as long-term amenities for it. the goal.

In addition, the Barry J. Nidorf facility is centrally located, offering the capacity and programming required for DJJ transition to ensure maximum service stability and continuity.

In addition to these concerns, Thursday’s articles in the Los Angeles Times և Santa Clarita Valley Signal highlighted the alleged culture of abuse at Camp Scott. Twenty women, former detainees at Camp Scott, were sued Wednesday for rape and sexual assault.

If you would like to review the motion (item 10 on the agenda) or make a public comment at the forthcoming meeting of the Supervisory Board on March 15, 2022, please visit: http://bos.lacounty.gov/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=qG6SpSu9wQE%3d&portalid=1.

SCVNews.com | Supervisors Mitchell, Kuehl Back Proposed Plans for Permanent Camp Scott Facility
Source link SCVNews.com | Supervisors Mitchell, Kuehl Back Proposed Plans for Permanent Camp Scott Facility

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