SCVNews.com | Stay Green Climbs to No. 64 of Top 100 Landscape Firms

There is something about Stay Green Inc. that allows it to “stay greener” when it comes to Lawn & Landscape Magazine, a leading publisher in the landscaping industry. 100 “landscaping companies in the USA ադ in Canada for 2022. big jump from 81 in 2021. industry.

This honor, says Angelo, should be shared with the entire 500-member Stay Green team serving Southern: Central California. “We all need to work together to continue to prosper as we have, despite the challenges of the last two years, which include epidemics, conflicts abroad, supply chain problems at home, inflation and the labor market for employers,” he said. he: “But we have the right people at work who take care of our clients’ little ‘Eden Gardens.’ So we stay green. ”

Indeed, L&L ranks its list of Top 100 companies by revenue last year. Stay Green earned $ 38.5 million in 2021, up $ 8.2 million (27%) from $ 30.3 million in 2020. But how does the CEO of No. 64 jump from a number of other people to appear in the elite five percent of the leading sector votes highlighted in the history package? This is connected with the wisdom, business rationality and innovative ideas that he shares in the article where he is presented.

– Wisdom. “In my years of experience, 2021 was probably the most difficult, difficult year to manage,” he says. “Simply because of the undesirable consequences of COVID, the limited resources, the people, the inflationary pressures.”

– Business insight. Salaries are rising by 20 to 40 percent, which has been observed in all skill groups since 2020, requiring defensive adjustments in hiring and retention practices, he said. “Industries that used to never look at the green industry from which they were recruiting are now recruiting people from outside the green industry to come to work for them, be it distribution, freight or other items,” he said. “It makes us pay more for an account manager, a production manager or a branch manager.”

– Innovative ideas. More than inflation և wage growth, California’s tightly regulated market poses the biggest challenge for Stay Green, says Angelo. “California is leading the country in green initiatives, which obviously have an impact on landscape contractors like us. We are a state number. 1 when they talk about being stable և green. ” Innovative strategies are a big part of staying sustainable, he says. He emphasizes that early adopters of regulations that go beyond the pipeline, such as the ban on the sale of California gas equipment, which will take effect in 2024, will do a better job and be more sustainable in the long run. “For the last few years we have been facing green technologies, we are using alternatives,” he said. “There will be no cultural shock for our organization when it is instructed to do so.”

“And maybe before that,” adds Angelo, “with the continued support of our loyal customers, Stay Green will be close to the top 10 in Lawn & Landscape.”

About Stay Green

Founded in 1970, Stay Green Inc. provides award-winning landscape conservation, tree care, and plant health services for residential, commercial, and industrial premieres in Southern California. Stay Green serves customers throughout Southern California և Provides environmental protection through its Stability Practices across all service lines to help customers protect the environment as it’s essential. Stay Green Inc. is recognized as a leading provider of high quality landscaping services, with 95% customer retention as well as some of the industry’s most prestigious awards. Visit for more information www.staygreen.com:.

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SCVNews.com | Stay Green Climbs to No. 64 of Top 100 Landscape Firms
Source link SCVNews.com | Stay Green Climbs to No. 64 of Top 100 Landscape Firms

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