SCVNews.com | SCV Water Ramps Up Water Restrictions as Severe Drought Intensifies

The Board of Directors of the Santa Clarita Valley Water Agency voted Tuesday to move to the second phase of its Water Loss Emergency Plan.

The move comes as California և SCV continues to face a severe drought that will not end.

“Despite planning for dry weather, this drought has become so severe that we have to dive into our water resources,” said Matt Stone, CEO of SCV Water. “Moving to Phase 2 will impose new water restrictions to eliminate water waste, to ensure that we have enough water to meet the needs of our community.”

Explained Phase 2:

Phase 2 includes the same restrictions as Phase 1 է adds additional water saving resources.

Customers are asked to voluntarily reduce their water by up to 20%. This information is available Drought ready SCV.

The new irrigation requirements for Phase 2 include:

– Limits irrigation to three days a week. Odd addresses will be closed on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. He even goes to the water on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.

– There is no water on Saturdays.

– Limits the operation time of the irrigation plant. Maximum two five-minute cycles per station for one irrigation day, 10 minutes
the maximum.

– Limits irrigation time, morning and evening watering. Watering is allowed from May to October from midnight to 9 am and / or from 8 pm to midnight. Watering is allowed from November to April from midnight to 10 am and / or from 6 pm to midnight.

The following actions are also prohibited, as defined in the first stage announced in November 2021:

– Permission of drainage during irrigation with drinking water on non-irrigated areas.

– Use flexible hoses for car washes without shut-off nozzles.

– Use of drinking water for washing sidewalks, roads և hard places.

– Irrigate outdoors for ք 48 hours after a quarter inch or more of precipitation.

– Irrigation with decorative drinking water on the decorative grass of the middle sections of public streets.

Discounts և resources:

SCV Water offers many financial discounts և other incentives to help customers increase water efficiency, including:

– Grass conversion discounts.

– Discounts on improving the efficiency of the irrigation system, including smart irrigation regulators, high-efficiency spray nozzles, pressure regulators, drip irrigation, etc.

– Free home inspections ready for drought.

– Online WaterSMART seminar, gardening courses և other resources.

A quick 10-minute inspection of the water system can save a lot of water. For homes
enterprises և landscapes set timers to match new watering days, rainfall և renovation
any leaks or excess spray. Then check the inside for leaks in toilets and other appliances.

Click here to learn more about discounts.

Learn more

SCV Water is hosting a virtual drought forum on May 10, at 18:00, where attendees will hear:
from experts on drought status, water supply and conservation measures, such as:
can ask us questions.

Customers can register here for the Virtual Drought Forum.

Customers can also report suspicious water wastes here.

Survey agencies

Also this week, the Metropolitan Water District declared a water shortage for six million customers, reducing irrigation to one day a week. This does not affect SCV Water subscribers. These affected customers are served a larger share of imported state water, which has been severely affected by drought conditions for three years in a row.

SCV Water said in a statement that SCV relied on imported state water for part of its supply, “but in addition to local groundwater, the offshore water supply is maintained in the wetlands of Kern County during wet years.” However, as the drought enters its third year, we also ask our customers to save so that we have the flexibility to meet demand if the drought continues. “Every drop saved this year is something we can use next year.”

SCV Water provides water services to approximately 75,000 SCV Business և residential customers. It was formed on January 1, 2018, when local water suppliers merged into one integrated, regional water supplier. Additional information may be provided found in your SCV Water.

SCVNews.com | SCV Water Ramps Up Water Restrictions as Severe Drought Intensifies
Source link SCVNews.com | SCV Water Ramps Up Water Restrictions as Severe Drought Intensifies

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