SCVNews.com | SCV Water Granted $3.93m To Supply Water For LARC and Lily Of The Valley

After more than five years of the grant application process, SCV Water has secured a $ 3.93 million grant from the State Water Resources Management Board to build a permanent water supply for residential areas in Los Angeles and mobile villages in Suzuran. Did.

LARC and LOV operate community water supply systems for residents, including wells, water tanks, and on-site plumbing networks.

Due to the prolonged drought, the Bouquet Canyon Creek area lacks groundwater recharge, and since 2015 LARC has been unable to operate wells and has been forced to pump water to meet the needs of its inhabitants.

LOV relies on a single well threatened by drought.

“We are pleased to be able to build a permanent water supply facility at LARC and Suzuran,” said Brentpain, chief engineer at SCV Water. “By participating in the Master Meter Integration of the State Water Resources Management Commission, SCV Water can provide a safe and reliable water supply to the local underprivileged community.”

Master Meter Integration and Pipeline Project With $ 3.93 million in funding, SCV Water will build a 1.8-mile pipeline along Bouquet Canyon Road, connecting LARC and LOV to public water with a master meter.

A master meter is a connection to a public water system that records total water usage for buildings, residential condominium communities, or commercial use.

The first project included a pipeline with a diameter of 8 inches. However, SCV Water has funded an additional $ 800,000 in capital improvement programs to upsize to a 12-inch diameter pipeline, and other existing along pipeline routes that currently rely on private wells. Allows development to connect to new pipelines.

Additional future connections will be subject to connection fee payments and the construction of new services.

“To maximize the benefits of this new pipeline along the Bouquet Canyon, we decided to scale the pipeline so that other existing developments could connect to the public water system in the future,” Payne said. Added. “In addition to servicing LARC and LOV, we want to improve the resilience and reliability of drought in this part of the service area for existing development.”

Project Funding In addition to the $ 3.57 million grant provided by the SWRCB Drinking Water Revolving Fund, SCV Water also received a refund of approximately $ 360,000 in costs already incurred for project planning and design, for a total. A $ 3.93 million grant will be provided. For the project. Other Incentives SWRCB has provided SCV Water with an additional $ 11.1 million incentive to participate in the MasterMeter integration.

Of the total, $ 1.1 million is an incentive grant and an additional $ 10 million is a state loan with zero percent interest, which is usually repaid to the state within 20-30 years.

Both incentive funds will be used for future PFAS, perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl, treatment facilities and projects. As part of the project’s timeline financing contract, the SCV Water Authority must conclude water contracts with LARC and LOV prior to construction, which is scheduled to begin in the spring of 2022.

The pipeline is expected to be operational by the summer of 2023. Once constructed, LARC and LOV will continue to own and take responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the onsite distribution system downstream of the master meter, including the necessary backflow prevention equipment. SCV Water’s sole responsibility is to supply water to the facility.

Funding for this project is provided in whole or in part under Proposal 68 and the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund. This may include capitalization funding from the US Environmental Protection Agency in agreement with the State Water Resources Management Commission. The content of this document does not necessarily reflect the views or policies mentioned above, nor does the trade name or product reference constitute a recommendation or recommendation for use.

SCVNews.com | SCV Water Granted $3.93m To Supply Water For LARC and Lily Of The Valley
Source link SCVNews.com | SCV Water Granted $3.93m To Supply Water For LARC and Lily Of The Valley

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