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If the team is still struggling to understand their plans, now is a very good time to turn it around: the Foothill League competition will start next week.

Here’s a preview of this week’s game: This is the final week of the foothill league team’s non-league match.

Sogas vs. Oxnard

Sogas Centurion (3-1), who is tied to set the highest record for the Foothill League team, will face Oxnard Yellow Jacket (2-2) at Canyons University at 7 pm on Friday. is. Centurions brings the season’s first defeat, 21-10, to Simi Valley, but it still proves to be a strong defense and has so far abandoned only 28 points. .. The Yellowjackets have lost 43-7 to Camarillo.

Centurion quarterback Sebastian Dallaire finishes the one-touch down, three-pass cut game, throwing 147 yards. Wide receiver Khai Ky-yeith helped Centurions explain the game’s only touchdown to make four catches at 40 yards. The Centurions defense also came up with three unique interceptions.

West Ranch vs Crespi

West Ranch Wildcats (3-1), who are tied to set the highest record for the Foothill League team, will face Crespicelt (0-2) at Crespi on Friday at 7pm. The Wildcats have won three games in a row, but Celts still struggle to find their first win, but have won 62-38 against Pacifica.

Wildcats quarterback Ryan Staub finished 455 yards in 20 finishes, with six touchdowns and one intercept. Staub also worked on the ground, finishing 75 yards with two carries, including a 72-yard rush touchdown. Wide receiver Dylan Cotti led all receivers with seven catches at 155 yards and made three touchdowns. Cornerback Maverick Diaz came up with the only passcut for Wildcats.

Wildcats looks for four Celts in a row.

Canyon vs Kennedy

Canyon Cowboys (2-1) holds the third best non-league record in the Foothill League team and will face Kennedy Fighting Irish (1-1) in the Canyon at 7 pm on Friday. It’s a schedule. The Cowboys have won two games in a row, winning 23-22 against Palmdale. Fighting Irish has won 44-36 against LaSalle.

Canyon’s Corbett McDaniel, 34, sprints before chasing St. Genevieve’s players during the match on Friday. August 27, 2021. Bobby block / signal.

The Cowboys quarterback Landon Nurse finished 225 yards in 14 finishes, with three touchdowns. Wide receiver Dominic Barton finished at 107 yards with four catches and one touchdown. Cowboys defenses are everywhere on the ball and I came up with three fumbles in the game.

Cowboys look for three consecutive fighting Irish.

Golden Valley vs Simi Valley

The Golden Valley Grizzlies (1-1) will face Simi Valley Pioneers (4-0) in Simi Valley at 7 pm on Friday. Grizzlies lost 20-19 to Rio Mesa, and Pioneer is aiming for five consecutive losses after defeating Sogas.

Grizzlies quarterback Ryan García finished 63 yards with two touchdowns and one intercept. Jared Giles’ running back led the ground attack with an 85-yard rush yard and a single touchdown. The Grizzlies defense was working and I was forced to make 5 turnovers (3 fumbles, 2 intercepts) throughout the game, even though I couldn’t come up with a win. rice field.

The Grizzlies try to maintain the same game plan when it comes to defending against pioneers.

Valencia vs. Villa Park

Valencia Vikings (1-1) will face Villa Park Spartans (3-0) in Valencia at 7pm on Friday. According to MaxPreps, the Vikings, currently ranked 49th in the state, have lost 31-28 to Rancho Cucamonga. Sparta, ranked 43rd in the state, has 55-26 wins against Silverado and is aiming for four consecutive victories.

The Viking quarterback, Tyler Boss, occupies 34 yards above the ground and completes a 353-yard pass game with 27 finishes, with three touchdowns and one intercept. Wide receiver Kaden Bassett led the receiving corps with five catches and two touchdowns at 73 yards.

Heart vs. St. Bona Venture

Heart Indians (1-1) will face St. Bonaventure Seraph (3-0) at Canyons University on Thursday at 7:35 pm. The Indians lose to Moore Park 21-7 and Seraph beat Notre Dame 37-0.

Heart Wide Receiver Daniel Larkins

Heart-wide receiver Daniel Larkins (11) avoids a tackle by Granada Hills cornerback Isaiah Matalana (2) at Canyons University on Friday 082721.Dan Watson / The Signal

The Indians were 7-6 in the third quarter, but due to lack of depth and tired players, the Indians succumbed to the Highlanders and abandoned two more touchdowns in the process.

Indians look for additional depth to help end the hot muscles of Seraph.

Trinity vs. Saint Monica

The Trinity Classic Academy Nights (2-1) will face the St Monica Mariners (1-2) at St Monica on Friday at 7 pm. The Knights have won 51-7 against Poly while the Mariners are defeating Hamilton 50-31.

Knights quarterback Will Jackson ran with a 3-yard touchdown, finishing with 12 completes in 14 attempts with 230 yards and 3 touchdowns. Wide receiver AJ Honing spent the day doing seven catches at 192 yards with four touchdowns.

The Knights aim to continue the aggressive explosion against the Mariners.

Santa Clarita Christian School vs Mojave

Santa Clarita Christian School Cardinals (0-2) will face Mojave Mustang (0-0) at West Ranch at 3:15 on Saturday. The Cardinals are losing 70-6 to Grace Brezarin as Mojave is about to play his first match of the season.

Cardinals quarterback Cadden Rappleye finished 165 yards with 12 completes and 1 touchdown. Wide receiver Landon Hermanson finished with six catches at 95 yards and carried with one touchdown. Defensive lineman Tommy Patton led the team with 11 tackles, including 2 tackles.

The Cardinal is looking for the first victory of the season against Mustang.

Castaic vs. Basquez

Castaic Coyote (2-1) will face the Basquez Mustang (0-1) at Basquez on Friday at 7 pm. Coyote defeated St. Genevieve 41-0 and Mustang lost to Lancaster 59-12.

Coyote quarterback Tyler Sauls finished the day with seven finishes, with 112 yards and two touchdowns. Running back Anthony Martinez made a 10-yard touchdown and a 22-yard rush touchdown that day. Defense is the story of a coyote, giving up a 48-yard attack. This included two intercepts, one of which was returned for touchdown, three sack, and one fumble recovery.

Coyote looks for two in a row against Mustang.

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