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By Madeline Wright

File photo from 2019. 15-year-old Mia Tretta returns home from the hospital on Monday evening. Thanks to the Tretta family.

SACRAMENTO (CN) – A number of gun bills hit the California Senate’s Senate on Tuesday, two weeks later. mass shooting Districts of the state Capitol claimed six lives and 12 were injured. Tensions with lawmakers included a range of first-hand hints of gun violence, including testimony from a Sauga High School shooting survivor, calls for accountability in the firearms industry, and gun owners calling the bills an attempt to keep the public at bay. from purchasing a firearm.

Assembly member Mike Gipson, D-Gardena, introduced Assembly Bill 1621, which will ban և regulate “ghost guns” և adjacent unexploded ordnance. Ghost pistols are firearms without a serial number because they are loaded or created as an indestructible pistol, often from packages sold online or in 3D printers.

The call for the regulation of ghost weapons has become urgent in the last two years amid mass shootings and the spread of such rifles. In 2021, the Los Angeles police confiscated more than 1780 ghost guns more than double those recovered in 2020. In addition, unregistered, unlawfully modified weapons have been used in several California killings this year.

One of the firearms found during a mass shooting in downtown Sacramento was an illegally modified pistol to act as an automatic weapon. This year, David MoraA 39-year-old 39-year-old man shot dead his three daughters, a social worker who oversees his parents’ visit to a Sacramento county church, before killing himself.

These stun guns are stunningly easy to obtain. Google’s first hit is the online store for “ghost guns”, which is specifically for ghost և unregulated firearm parts. The company prides itself on offering “personal weapon making that you can do yourself” by selling countless rifles, pistols and accessories. These DIY guns are not considered firearms by federal law and do not require pre-purchase inspections before or after purchase.

In front of the convention public safety committee on Tuesday, Gipson sought to initiate allegations that were later heard from Sam Owens, chief executive of Gun Owners California.

“Let me be clear. This bill is not about taking away the right of legal weapon owners. “It’s not about that,” Gipson said.

Gipson explained his investigation into how easily a teenager could get a ghost gun. The 17-year-old bought a set of weapons for $ 149.99 and sent it home in just a few days. Then he went to YouTube and watched the complete package assembly tutorial.

“This lack of regulation should alarm everyone in this room, the viewers at home,” Gipson told lawmakers.

Sixteen-year-old Nathaniel Berhoe was killed in a shooting at Saugus High School in 2019. Two of his classmates were killed and three others were injured by a ghost gun. Berhu’s father could not have a weapon due to mental health problems, however, he purchased a replacement part – no serial number pistol – one of 42 illegal pistols found in Berhu’s home.

16-year-old Mia Tretta, a Saugus High schoolgirl, told lawmakers she saw her best friend die after being shot and then flown from her school for emergency stomach surgery. after the shot.

“Anyone who has a credit card, IKEA furniture making skills – some free time – can make the same gun that took the lives of two of my classmates, changed mine forever,” said Tretta. “Let us be children and be safe,” said Tretta.

Paredes told lawmakers he shared concerns about “the recent escalation of crime across the country,” but said banning ghost weapons was not the answer. “Private-made firearms have become unfortunate scapegoats,” Paredes said.

If passed, AB 1621 would give unregistered firearms owners six months to register their weapons. The bill would ban some parts of the pistol until they are federally regulated, and digital computer-aided control (CNC) milling machines, whose primary purpose is gun production, will be outlawed. Gun enthusiasts will still be able to create firearms at home with frames and receivers that are subject to federal gun safety laws.

Other legislation discussed Tuesday included: AB 1594:, AB 2551:և: Senate Bill 1384. The bills include firearms advertising to minors, notifying the Department of Justice of local authorities if a banned person attempts to obtain firearms or ammunition, firearms certification courses, and firearms regulations that allow the public to file civil lawsuits against arms manufacturers.

SCVNews.com | Saugus Shooting Survivor Testifies During State Gun Control Hearings
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