SCVNews.com | Registration Underway at COC for 2022 Summer Classes

From June 6 to August 13, Gorge College will offer a four-lesson summer schedule to continue helping students achieve their goals during this unprecedented period.

The 2022 summer session will offer students more than 600 sections of high-demand “core” courses in a wide range of academic subjects, as well as a variety of non-credit offers.

As always, courses will be offered at both Valencia and Canyon Country universities, as well as an entire online course.

“We are very excited to offer more one-on-one tutoring և hybrid options to give our students more options և flexibility,” said Omar Torres, the college’s director of general education. “With the right planning, students have the opportunity to choose from several classes offered throughout the summer at different starting times.”

Most of the classes offered will be courses that most students must either complete or meet the prerequisites for moving to a four-year school. Summer is a great opportunity for incoming students to start their course before the beginning of the fall semester of August.

In addition, more than 150 non-credit classes will be offered during the summer through the Vocational Training School, which will provide free career skills, lifelong learning and skills for people of all ages and skills levels.

Some of the more professional training courses that will be offered over the summer include theater, professional Adobe Photoshop, coaching principles, and human resources.

To register or for more մասին Personal և Vocational training classes Visit the school website.

In addition, junior high school seniors and seniors can take advantage of summer classes to earn college և high school credits, while classes at the COC are canceled.

Summer 2022 enrollment fees at all California community colleges will remain at $ 46 per unit, as set by the state of California.

Students who are vaccinated but do not receive the booster vaccination are no longer required to take a weekly test according to updated Los Angeles County Department of Public Health records.

All staff, students and visitors should wear face masks in the student’s service areas. Face masks are highly recommended, but not required in other closed areas of the university.

The COC will continue to follow the instructions of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health and the California Department of Public Health’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The first five-week summer session of the college will be from June 6 to July 9. The second eight-week summer session will start on June 13 and end on August 6. The third summer session will run from June 20 to July 23. The last five weekly accelerated summer sessions will be offered from July 11 to August 13.

Registrations will continue until classes are completed.

The summer schedule for college classes is now posted online.

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SCVNews.com | Registration Underway at COC for 2022 Summer Classes
Source link SCVNews.com | Registration Underway at COC for 2022 Summer Classes

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