SCVNews.com | Placerita, Rancho Pico, Rio Norte Recognized as 2021 Distinguished Schools

SACRAMENTO — State Superintendent Tony Thurmond announced Thursday that Placerita, Rancho Pico and Rio Norte’s middle schools will be included in the 100 middle schools and high schools recognized under the 2021 California Distinguished Schools Program. This perception is particularly noteworthy in the context of the uncertainties and difficulties faced by all California schools last year.

The California Department of Education (CDE) identifies and awards eligible schools based on the performance and progress of state indicators specified on the California School Dashboard, a state accountability and continuous improvement system. To do. Indicators include test score, suspension rate, conditions and climate.

“These schools are a good example of California’s commitment to providing excellent public education to all students, and data-driven efforts give students the tools and skills they need to succeed after graduation. We’ve done that, “says Thurmond. “Our thanks are to the entire community surrounding these schools, including teachers, managers, classified employees, and students and their families who have achieved this impressive achievement together through teamwork. . “

Sponsored by CDE and announced by California Casualty, the Distinguished Schools Program recognizes schools that perform well in one of two categories: bridging the gap in achievement and achieving outstanding student performance. I will. Elementary and junior high and high schools are accepted every other year. Therefore, the winner will hold the title for two years. A list of accredited schools is attached at the end of this press release.

Distinguished Schools are an example of highly successful data-driven school activities, from professional development to active behavioral intervention, as well as excellent education, learning and collaboration.

For example, La Cañada High in La Cañada Unified (Los Angeles County) won an award based on exceptional student performance. Between 2018 and 2019, dashboard data shows multiple student groups, including socio-economically disadvantaged students, students with disabilities, and student subgroups of English learners, in English subjects and math. Both indicators show improved performance levels (colors).

Mammoth Middle School in the Unified School District of Mammoth (Mono County) has made great strides to bridge the achievement gaps of several groups. In particular, English learners, Hispanics, and subgroups of socio-economically disadvantaged students all scored higher in their English subject evaluations. The school district has implemented a number of programs to assist struggling students, including interventions, support classes, tutoring, and ongoing professional development for intensive school educators.

According to data from the California Dashboard, the Marysville Charter Arts Academy in Marysville Joint Unified (Yuba County) has a mathematical index of 15 for socio-economically disadvantaged students, Hispanic students, and all students. Improved over points. After examining the data, school leaders realized that all subgroups needed math improvements because Hispanic students were the farthest to meet the criteria. To improve math scores, school leaders increased professional learning opportunities, provided staff guidance, personalized staff and students, and provided professional development in math education.

For more information, please visit CDE California State School. Web page..

SCVNews.com | Placerita, Rancho Pico, Rio Norte Recognized as 2021 Distinguished Schools
Source link SCVNews.com | Placerita, Rancho Pico, Rio Norte Recognized as 2021 Distinguished Schools

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