SCVNews.com | Opinion/Commentary: Cameron Smyth | Stay Active and Adventure Outdoors this Summer!

Cameron SmithCameron SmithIf you’re looking for a new trail to explore, you’re in luck! Last month, William S. 28 students from Hart School District partnered with our Open Space Department to create two new trails for our residents.

The Rattlesnake Run now connects McHaddad Trail to Weldon Bridge at Newhall Pass Open Space, while the Heritage Trail has a new bypass trail for a safer experience for our hikers. Not only do these trails add additional running and safety for our residents, but the trail building process helps educate and engage our youth about the importance of building and maintaining our open spaces.

I encourage all of our residents to stay active and explore our trails this summer. Remember to always walk with a buddy and stay hydrated. By bringing extra water, sunscreen, and a hat, you can protect yourself from the sun while enjoying the outdoors.

In Santa Clarita, we are surrounded by beautiful mountains, but we must remember that we share this area with a variety of wildlife as well. Residents should always be on the lookout for snakes on any of our trails. If you bring your dog on a hike, always keep it on a leash. By letting them wander, you increase the chance of them being bitten by a snake.

Another safety tip is to never wear headphones in both ears while hiking. If you’re listening to music, you won’t be able to hear the rattle of a snake’s tail, signaling their presence. However, if you encounter a snake, never approach it. Stay at least five feet away from the snake and either continue on your trail if it’s safe or turn around. Remember, if you run into any trouble or need help, please call 9-1-1 and report your location by letting first responders know your location using tracking markers. Each of these markers along our trails is linked to the coordinates of your exact location.

For our more adventurous residents who prefer to hit the trails on their bikes, we invite you to test your skills at Santa Clarita’s Trek Bike Park. City staff have been hard at work making improvements to the park over the past month. As you enter the Bike Park, check out the new, weathered granite that lays on the ground. This new material provides a sturdy walkway that will facilitate access to the park for cyclists and pedestrians. This will also help reduce mud when it rains.

Next to the bike tool station we install a water fountain to fill water bottles or quench your thirst after a great ride. The shade structures are also being improved with a fresh coat of paint and new shade sails. Concrete has been added to the tracks on all three turns, as well as the starting hill of the BMX track. The Red Trail will also be getting additional routes in the near future, as well as a stair drop option. With so many new additions, I’m excited to see our residents get out and enjoy the Bike Park. This convenience is free seven days a week and open from dawn to dusk. The park offers riders seven acres to ride jumps and develop their skills on trails of easy to moderate difficulty. We welcome riders of all ages and skill levels to come out and enjoy this wonderful park.

I hope all of our residents find a fun and healthy activity to do this summer, whether it’s on our trails or trying out the Bike Park. For more information about our open spaces and trails, visit hikesantaclarita.com for an interactive map and hiking tips. If you want to visit our Trek Bike Park in Santa Clarita to check out the pump tracks and trails, go santa-clarita.com: For more information:

Councilman Cameron Smith is a member of the Santa Clarita City Council who can be contacted csmyth@santa-clarita.com.

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SCVNews.com | Opinion/Commentary: Cameron Smyth | Stay Active and Adventure Outdoors this Summer!
Source link SCVNews.com | Opinion/Commentary: Cameron Smyth | Stay Active and Adventure Outdoors this Summer!

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