SCVNews.com | March 24: Public Health Encourages Getting Tested During World TB Day

On Thursday, March 24, World Tuberculosis Day, highlighting local attractions, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health is urging residents to get tested for tuberculosis, a deadly disease that can linger or lurk for years.

World TB Day is a global reminder to encourage residents and communities who are at high risk for TB or have symptoms to be screened. The Union Station կենտրոնում in the center of Los Angeles և the entrance columns of Los Angeles International Airport will burn red to commemorate the day և to serve as a “red alarm”. Public Health և The CDC encourages more Americans to learn և Recognize the disease են Encourages them to “Think. Testing. to cure. “

Tuberculosis is an airborne disease that spreads to people in the same air space. But for many people infected with latent tuberculosis, the tuberculosis bacteria are dormant in their body. The germs have not infected them yet, մարդիկ those people are not contagious yet. If the TB bacteria become active and multiply, the infection can spread to others, causing serious illness or death. Testing is very important to detect LTBI և to start early treatment to prevent TB. COVID-19 infection also increases the risk of death in TB patients and survivors.

In recent years, the Los Angeles area has recorded the highest number of TB cases in the United States. In 2020, 459 cases were registered, which is the highest in the country, with higher cases in Latin, Asian and multi-generational households. In addition, 90% of TB cases in the county were found to be Asian / Pacific Islander or Latin American. In recent years, the district has also reported outbreaks of local transmission among people living in starvation, drug abuse, HIV or incarceration.

However, after more than two years of global travel, immigration, disrupted medical care, and other factors, the exact number of TB cases in Los Angeles County may not be fully known. COVID-19 is likely to impair the patient’s diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis, which may be the reason why by 2021 the incidence of regional tuberculosis has increased by only 2.8% to 470. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that there are 708,640 cases of LTBI in the county, or about seven out of every 100 people in the county.

An average of 12% of people diagnosed in Los Angeles die of tuberculosis each year. In 2020, the death rate from tuberculosis will increase to 17%. For comparison, on average, 1.1% of the region’s population died from COVID-19 in 2020.

Anyone can get TB, but some communities are at higher risk because of their place of birth or travel, as TB is especially prevalent in parts of Asia, including Vietnam, the Philippines, China, and parts of Latin America, including Mexico. Guatemala

Public health is focused on increasing tuberculosis testing և treatment to prevent the deadly effects of TB, but many residents are unaware of the need for testing if they have no symptoms or can not view TB as a deadly circulating disease. in the county. Public Health focuses on educating the Los Angeles County Tuberculosis Coalition, educating community organizations, community health care providers, TB survivors, and public’s national public-partner partners who are planning, conducting, and conducting “thinking” exercises. և treat latent tuberculosis infection.

“Because TB can be ‘slow-moving’, some people with active TB may not know they have the infection, and it may take months or years for them to be diagnosed,” says Dr. Barbara Ferrer, MD, MD , Doctor Health. “Early detection and treatment are important in preventing the development and spread of the disease, especially in communities that do not have access to medical and social services and have already been hit hard by the epidemic.”

Tuberculosis usually affects the lungs, but can also affect the brain, kidneys or spine. Symptoms include malaise or weakness, weight loss, fever, and night sweats. Pulmonary tuberculosis includes symptoms of cough, chest pain, and bleeding. When a person with TB coughs, sneezes, talks or sings, the TB bacteria can stay in the air for several hours, infecting others with TB.

To raise awareness in higher-risk communities, the CDC uses trucks that display LED signs illuminated by TB information in a variety of languages ​​that travel through the Los Angeles area, including the Philippine, Vietnamese-Chinese communities, West San Gabriel Maverick, : , San Gabriel, Rosemide, El Monte, San Fernando Valley, including Panorama City, Northridge, North Hills, San Fernando, Glendale և Northeast LA, including Eagle Rock, Glassell Park և East San Gabriel Valley, including Hacienda Heights, Rowland. Heights, West Covina.

See the Public Health Tuberculosis Program for testing websiteTalk to your healthcare provider, or visit if you do not have health insurance My Health Website:. Testing is also available at Lancaster (661 471-4861), Pakoima (818 896-1903) and Monrovia (626 256-1600) public health centers. Other clinics can be found here:.

SCVNews.com | March 24: Public Health Encourages Getting Tested During World TB Day
Source link SCVNews.com | March 24: Public Health Encourages Getting Tested During World TB Day

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