SCVNews.com | March 17: ‘Stillness in Chaos’ Art Exhibit, Reception

The Santa Clarita Valley Art Exhibition opens March 7 at 7pm at The Main in Old Town Newholm. Painter Aazam Irilyan’s “Immobility in Chaos” will open with the artist’s free entertainment, including art, music and “soft drinks”.

The paintings in this exhibition are selections from two different works, Indigo Dreaming and Beyond The Veil, created during the COVID-19 blockade.

Irilyan said that the main shades of the Indigo Dreaming series are the different shades and intensity of the blues.

“These paintings are atmospheric and dreamy in composition, with soft colors that match and blend to create a sense of depth on the canvas,” he said.

In contrast, the paintings selected from the Beyond the Veil series are mostly warm, earthy, with sharp brushstrokes, which are missing from the Indigo Dreaming series.

“These paintings act as metaphors of moments of silence, which emphasize the ordinary chaos of life, soft-quiet, blurring the boundaries of the known and the unknown. “As the effects of the epidemics devastated the world, I took refuge in the studio, filling in the paint and letting it dance on the canvas.” “At the same time, my mind was flowing, losing itself in that moment, opening a window to a world that is outside, a world that is calm, quiet, peaceful. Painting was no longer a physical experience, but just a process, a tool to break the silence that was deep inside me. ”

Irilyan said that the exhibition will invite the viewer to stop, to be present at the moment, to allow the mind to flow, feeling the joy of every moment instead of focusing on chaos.

For more information about the artist, visit: Aazam Irilyan.

The reception will take place on Thursday, March 17, from 19:00 to 22:00

The MAIN, 24266 Main St., Newhall, CA 91321:

SCVNews.com | March 17: ‘Stillness in Chaos’ Art Exhibit, Reception
Source link SCVNews.com | March 17: ‘Stillness in Chaos’ Art Exhibit, Reception

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