SCVNews.com | L.A. County Offers New Services Hub for Older Adults

The Los Angeles County has created a suite of services, programs, and support based on the needs of the elderly to provide a better quality of life for all older residents of the Los Angeles area. Seniors, families և guardians can now easily navigate և access to a wide range of age-appropriate services at the newly centralized resource center for seniors.

Among the offered services:

– Catering services provide support to the elderly who may have food insecurity. These resources provide information on where older adults, dependent adults, can benefit from health nutrition, financial food subsidies, and other nutrition programs.

– Housing subsidies link the elderly to programs that offer financial assistance, counseling, home support, and a range of housing needs to promote healthy aging in the Los Angeles County while supporting high-risk seniors. feeling of homelessness. All of these services help seniors maintain a home that is best suited to their individual, unique well-being.

– Health ծառայ Health services contribute to the general well-being տար of the elderly by focusing on clinical, mental or non-clinical services, these programs aim to promote physical, mental and emotional well-being.

– Mobile transport services actively support the age-appropriate period, these transport transport services are dedicated to the elderly dependent adults.

– Financial support services provide information to older people with the goal of achieving financial stability. These programs may qualify the elderly և dependent adults for financial assistance, training և information training և support counseling: guidance.

– Legal disputes, solutions և protections protect our aging population, these programs connect consumers with services that help them navigate the legal system.

Learn more համար Access age-appropriate resources Click here.

For more inquiries or to speak with anyone, call (800) 510-2020.

SCVNews.com | L.A. County Offers New Services Hub for Older Adults
Source link SCVNews.com | L.A. County Offers New Services Hub for Older Adults

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