SCVNews.com | June 25: CalArts’ ‘Luna’ Modern Reimagining of Chinese Myth

LunaLuna“Luna” is one of several productions by students at the California Institute of the Arts at the 2022 Hollywood Fring Festival.

Duoyi (Zoe) Wang’s (Theater MFA 2024) is the writer and director of the show. և Manufacturer:

“Luna” is a modern reinterpretation of the myth of the ancient Chinese moon goddess, created in the context of today’s world of live social media. The 45-minute female show is described as “an immersive, kaleidoscopic experiment in the hybrid aesthetics of theater, live broadcast, animation and installation art.”

Wang’s production fits the myth of a young woman who was punished for eternal youth և eternal loneliness after she took her husband’s immortality pill. In “Luna”, the influential young Chinese social media man finds himself in the loneliness of the temptations of the facades of the virtual world. Luna struggles to find her own truth, her value, her strength, the self-confidence of the patriarchal forces deeply rooted in the technological age.

The show with a full female creative team was created as a celebration of femininity. The team includes many CalArtians, including Wang, media designer El Rek (BFA 2022), lighting designer Cad Apostol (MFA Theater 2024), and art designer և puppet artist Sienna Foster-Saltis (Art BFA 2022). One Woman’s show is performed by visual artist and director Shuven Kao.

The final presentation of “Luna” will take place on Saturday, June 25, at 22:00, tickets will be available with $ 15 or $ 10 student ID.

California Room at Thymele Arts

5481 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90038:

Tickets can be purchased here.

Other CalArtians shows at the 2022 Hollywood Fringe Festival included “Something in the Air,” “Yellow / Blue,” “Signals,” “Scary Lizard,” and “Apocalypse at Rainforest Cafe.”

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SCVNews.com | June 25: CalArts’ ‘Luna’ Modern Reimagining of Chinese Myth
Source link SCVNews.com | June 25: CalArts’ ‘Luna’ Modern Reimagining of Chinese Myth

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