SCVNews.com | June 2: Soundcheck Presents Performances from The Conscious Outlaws, Cosmic Ocean

Soundcheck will present the performances of The Conscious Outlaws band ‘Cosmic Ocean electric punk rock band’ Cosmic Ocean in a brand new, upcoming episode, which will be broadcast on Thursday, June 2, at 4:00 p.m.

Join in a Draw & Discover session to hear Soundcheck Facebook page, SCVTV.com:Spectrum Channel 20, AT&T U-Verse Channel 99, Apple TV applicationև: Roku app. Each group will perform three original songs with live, recorded performances at SCVTV Studio.

Soundcheck is a SCVTV music show featuring the Santa Clarita Valley, featuring local musicians and their original music. Soundcheck aims to showcase future performers who are local. Soundcheck’s past seasons have featured artists performing at The MAIN Live Concert in Newholm – Season 1 – Virtual Season – Season 2, and Season 3 – Performing on Outstanding Outdoor Historic Property, Ranch Camulos Museum. Season 4 of Soundcheck is filmed at SCVTV Community Media Center.

To see more of Soundcheck, visit: http://scvsoundcheck.com:.

Here is more about the musicians presented in this episode.

The Conscious Outlaws. The Conscious Outlaws is a rock ‘n’ Funktry band whose members come from Los Angeles, Bay Ara, Chicago and Sweden. The Band was formed at the Hollywood Institute of Music, where three of the four members are graduates. Inspired by classic rock such as the Rolling Stones և AC / DC, The Conscious Outlaws inspire their love of modern funk to create their own unique sound. Find delinquent offenders on Spotify, Instagram as “@TheConsciousOutlaws” և on their site https://www.theconsciousoutlaws.com/.

Cosmic Ocean. What started as a joke among five high school friends in 2013 became an inspirational project to write and release music. After the release of the album in 2015 (called Out of Time) հետո After a few concerts in 2019, the band recognized itself as the Cosmic Ocean in 2020 և looking forward to a brighter future. In the company of close friends, each member offers a completely different straw mattress, which pushes a touching spark that will shine for a long time. Watch their latest album, “Through the Farthest Space”, now available on all streaming platforms և CD. Find Cosmic Ocean on Spotify, Instagram as “@CosmicOceanBand” և on their website https://www.cosmicoceanband.com/.


The SCVTV Community Media Center is an area where creators, historians, educators, students, nonprofits, media professionals, and businesses come together to create high-quality, localized television web programming for the Santa Clarita Valley. SCVTV’s mission is to operate the Santa Clarita Public Television և Community Media Center under a contract with the Santa Clarita Public Television. provide its platform և media services through community access և original programming capabilities that highlight local art and culture, musicians, history, education, government, non-profit organizations և civic affairs. և Facilitate educational media production և marketing opportunities. For more information on SCVTV, visit: SCVTV.com:. Media, please contact Jessica Boyer at jboyer@scvtv.com.

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SCVNews.com | June 2: Soundcheck Presents Performances from The Conscious Outlaws, Cosmic Ocean
Source link SCVNews.com | June 2: Soundcheck Presents Performances from The Conscious Outlaws, Cosmic Ocean

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