SCVNews.com | JCI Santa Clarita Implementing Financial Workshop for Teens

Get realGet realJunior Chamber International of Santa Clarita is organizing a new project called Get Real. Get real. Adulting 101 co-chair JR Hills explains this new project.

“Think the game of life in real life,” Hill said. “Participants will receive a fake identity with a career and a salary. They will visit kiosks to buy goods and services necessary for living, such as housing, transportation, and food. Each booth will have a menu of options with a range of prices. Participants must decide whether they want to max out their budget or be frugal. They will be presented with unexpected situations, such as receiving extra cash or paying unexpected expenses, such as a car accident. The goal is to finish the game with money in the bank.”

Stalls will be run by local businesses representing the industry in that stall.

“This is a great way for the community to support teaching students valuable budgeting skills,” Hills said.

Businesses will pay a nominal fee of $200 to host a booth, which will help cover event costs. Businessmen can decorate the booth with their logo and provide materials to promote their business, so this event will be a good marketing opportunity. If your business would like to participate, contact JR and Kari getrealscv@gmail.com.

“If they want to win prizes, learn how to save their money and challenge their financial knowledge, this will be a great event,” said co-chair Kari McCoy on why teenagers should participate. “This first year, the project will focus on high school juniors and seniors. Juniors and seniors interested in participating are asked to register on the program’s website www.getrealscv.com“.

JCI Santa Clarita expects this event to be an annual project. For more information about this project or to register your high school junior or senior high school, visit www.getrealscv.com.


Junior Chamber International Santa Clarita Who are we??

We are Jaycee and we are here to create young community leaders and community partners. We welcome all young active citizens aged 18-40 to join our organization. We are dedicated to creating positive change in our community. We believe that serving humanity is the best work in life. We are a community within ourselves, working not only to improve our world, but also as individuals. To learn more, visit our website at: www.jcisantaclarita.com.

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SCVNews.com | JCI Santa Clarita Implementing Financial Workshop for Teens
Source link SCVNews.com | JCI Santa Clarita Implementing Financial Workshop for Teens

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