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Corridor I5Corridor I5Work continues along Corridor I-5. Work has expanded to include repairs to city streets, as well as curbs and floods.

The work listed below will be done during the day, unless otherwise noted. The schedule is subject to change according to the weather conditions. Take a look at the map below to see where construction is expected.

Renovation and improvement of city streets.
Staff are building curbs in many parts of Burbank – floods, new asphalt pavements – curbs in accordance with the Law on Americans with Disabilities. The staff works mainly from north to south.

The construction of curbs and wells on San Fernando Boulevard, between Lincoln Street and Ontario Street; Place of Victory: Maria Street, Burbank Animal Shelter, north of Lake Street; Verdugo Avenue I-5 Bridge և Bonnywood Place’s between Providence Avenue և Santa Anita Avenue / Bonnywood Place և.

North-west of Buena Vista on San Fernando Boulevard, sidewalks will be crushed and new asphalt will be laid. South-east of San Fernando Boulevard Buena Vista; Buena Vista street San Fernando boulevard և between the slopes of the northern I-5 road; Buena Vista street south of San Fernando Boulevard; San Fernando Boulevard between Grissmer Avenue և North I-5 Slopes և; Empire Avenue, between Maria Street, Kiston Street; Victory place “Maria Street” on the Old Empire Avenue; Victory Place south of Empire Avenue; Verdugo Avenue near I-5 Bridge և Alameda Avenue from east of I-5 ramps to south of I-5 ramps.

ADA compliant curbs will be constructed on San Fernando Boulevard on Buena Vista Street; և on Empire Avenue, Valpreda Street.

Part of this construction will be done at night.

During this construction, at least one lane in each direction will be open to local traffic.
Some planned improvements are not included in this list.

In addition, the following construction works are underway.

I-5 on Burbank Boulevard. The crew works at Burbank Boulevard և Intersection և I-5. Some work may be done at night.

North I-5, Magnolia Boulevard, Burbank Boulevard. The crew builds a barrier along the shoulder. Some work is done at night.

I-5 Magnolia Boulevard, between Buena Vista. The staff builds electrical systems. Some work is done at night.

Between I-5 Magnolia Boulevard և Cohasset Street. The staff crushes the sidewalk. The work takes place at night.

I-5 SR-134 (Ventura Freeway) և between Buena Vista street. The staff is landscaping.

I-5 Empire Avenue. The staff seals the joints. The work takes place at night.

Victory place on Old Empire Avenue. staff install road signs.

Burbank Boulevard, Victory Place և other places. The staff seals the joints. Some work is done at night.

Northbound Orange Grove ramp closure
North I-5 Orange Grove Avenue On-Ramp will be closed most nights from 9pm Sunday through Thursday (except Friday and Saturday nights) through mid-July.

The ramp will reopen every day at 6 o’clock in the morning.

When the ramp closes, Orange Grove Avenue will be closed to traffic on First Street և I-5 (only local traffic will be allowed). A detour will be set up to direct drivers to the north I-5 Burbank Boulevard On-Ramp.

North I-5 Burbank Boulevard Off-Ramp can be shortened to a single lane, sometimes closed by a detour.

All dates և hours are subject to change.

Closures of North-South I-5 zones
Intermittent closures in the north-south zones can occur from 9pm to 6am, sometimes reducing I-5 to one or two lanes in both directions.

Closures of North-South I-5 ramps
Some I-5 ramps և ramps can be closed during the day or night. Deviations are provided.

Closing of street lanes

Intermittent street closures can occur during the day or night on Burbank Boulevard, San Fernando Boulevard, Front Street, Victory Place, Empire Avenue, Old Empire Avenue, Buena Vista Street, Verdugo Avenue, Bonnywood Place, Alameda Avenue, or other streets.

For more information: visit I-5 Corridor Improvements.

I5 work mapI5 work mapI5 work map

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SCVNews.com | I-5 Corridor Improvement Work, Includes SFV Street Repair, Curbs, Gutters
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