SCVNews.com | Henry Mayo Nurses Ratify New Three-year Agreement

The Nurses Association of California / National Nurses United announced that the registered nurses at the Henry Mayo Newhol Hospital in Valencia on April 26 ratified the new three-year collective bargaining agreement.

“This was not an easy contract to negotiate,” said Su-Jin Ettington, a member of the RN Rehabilitation Bargaining Team. “Over the last six months, we have struggled with actions that have ultimately delivered our message to the public. We hope this historic agreement will not only keep our experienced nurses at Henry Mayo, but also bring new nurses to our team. ”

Key points of the contract include:

– Improved patient care, staffing և Nursing advocacy provisions, enabling nurses to provide the best possible care for their patients.

– Improvements in workplace violence, communicable disease records, training, relocation, promotion, hospital safety, and nurses who are familiar with the Santa Clarita Valley community.

– Economic benefits include total growth, ranging from 11.1% to 25% during the term of the contract. Nurses will also see an increase in their uniform benefits, shift differences, and shifts.

The vote on the new agreement took place on April 25 և 26. The three-year contract has retroactive effect.

The California Nurses Association represents nearly 600 registered nurses at Henry Mayo Newhol Hospital.

The California Nurses Association / National Nurses United is the largest’s fastest growing nursing association in the country, with 100,000 members in more than 200 institutions across California քան over 5 175,000 nationwide.

SCVNews.com | Henry Mayo Nurses Ratify New Three-year Agreement
Source link SCVNews.com | Henry Mayo Nurses Ratify New Three-year Agreement

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