SCVNews.com | Greg Herrick Announces Retirement After Storied Career at COC

By Jesse Muñoz / COC Sports Information Director

Long-time Canyon College women’s basketball coach Greg Herrick has announced that he will leave the program after a 30-year run that included 16 conference appearances and 24 post-season appearances.

“It’s time,” Herik said Monday. “I just feel like now is the time.”

Cool first made the announcement to his players, coaches’ assistants, before formally announcing his resignation to the college, and made the final decision to step down as coach.

His career in the CoC has included 16 Southern Division 16 Conferences (WSC) 16 (1994, 1997, 2000, 2004, 2008, 2008, 2008, 2008, 2008, 2008, 2006, 2008, 2008, 2006) 29 season Canyons did not compete in 2020-21 due to cancellations due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

“Coach Herrick’s dedication and perseverance, his longstanding commitment to excellence over the last 30 years, and his relentless will to win are the brightest in my mind,” said COC Chancellor Dr. Diana Van Hook. “But we must also recognize Herrick’s steady drive, the ever-present level of enthusiasm that has given our women’s basketball program every season a new sense of hope, and our student-athletes a goal and a path to success.”

Coolick qualified for the CCCAA Southern California Regional Post-season in 24 seasons, including 21 consecutive games from 1994-2014. In 1997, Coolick led the Cougars to a state championship game, eventually finishing second at Ventura College.

“I will always be grateful to College College for giving me this opportunity to have the freedom to build our program over the last 30 years,” said Herrick. “We have achieved a lot.”

Cool, who has been named WSC Coach of the Year 10 times, is retiring as one of the most successful head coaches in the history of CCCAA women’s basketball.

“Greg has had a remarkable career at Canyons College, and he will miss it,” said Steve Rice, the college’s dean of physical education, kinesiology, and athletics. “She was an example of how to run a successful women’s basketball program.”

In December, Herik took the item The victory of the 600th career In college, they defeated Rio Hondo College 78-67 on the first day of the Glendale Crossover Tournament.

“It recognizes all the players over the last 29 seasons who have contributed to 600 wins,” Herrick said minutes after the game. “The players are the people who have to get the full credit, because they are the ones who did it.”

On Monday, Herrick once again acknowledged the many players who have contributed to the success of the program over the years.

“Even going back to my days at Cleveland High School, it was about player relationships,” said Herrick, who won the City Championships in Cleveland from 1981 to 1982 and later trained at Hart High School.

“I never wanted to be the kind of coach who doesn’t like his players,” added Herrick, who still has relationships with his Cleveland national team players, as well as countless alumni of the Lady Cougars program.

Cool leaves the Canyons, boasting a career record of 611-288, which is a good 0.680 victory percentage.

Along the way, his players have earned selections from all 27 states, winning 12 conferences of the year and one player of the year.

More than 40 players have been transferred to continue playing in four-year schools, and countless other players will continue their academic goals. Some of Herrick’s former players have also moved on to coaching, ending their collegiate playing careers.

“Coach Herrick likes to win, but he prefers to see his program alumni,” said COC Sports Director Chad Peters. “Every time a former player came to Cougar Cage to support the team, I always noticed that coach Herrick’s face lit up. “No matter how the game went, he always stopped, taking time to catch up with his former players.”

The Canyons finished the 2021-22 season with a 20-8 overall record և 8-4 points against conference contenders, finishing second in the WSC Southern Division. The COC then took it home post-season victory Across Orange Coast College In CCCAA SoCal Regionals, formerly losing to Irvine Valley College in the next stage.

The Cougars finished the year 12th in the state, 8th in Southern California. CCCWBCA State Coach Survey.

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SCVNews.com | Greg Herrick Announces Retirement After Storied Career at COC
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